Monday, May 14, 2007

Dessert time

And .. coincidently, I have the Jason Phoon's trademark smile pic, not that I did it on purpose ... but was chatting with him earlier .. so here it is ... I mean, I fail but .. will try to improve next round, how is it boss? pass? or fail?

hahaha ..

Hie XD ....

Okeh let's continue ... cafe cafe cafe

This is how it looks like

The seating arrangements

Choose your dessert, ask for it and pay ...

The ultimate dessert .. OMG! It's yoghurt inside and it's best of the best

My ice cream ... or ... glace

With Ying

and the pic of the three of us at my sidebar :p


jasonphoon said...

no mata sepet picture ? hahah. i know the msn picture is from this place :P

Mochii said...

hahah there .. editted already :p

jasonphoon said...

hahahah . earlier on msn it's a small picture so cannot see.

but now this bigger picture, omg ! now I believe you're chinese !

You know , if we smile like that and take picture we can pass of as brother and sister . rite rite ?


Mochii said...

potong stim la .. u only believe when you saw this pic =.= adoi

ahahahha let me practise first okeh coz this pic is a coincidence not that i did it on purpose hahaha :p but i need your guidance hahahah :p