Monday, May 21, 2007

Eating @ McD's Uster

Something annoying happened today but I am not gonna blog about it, as it is just something miserable, not worth blogging about it and it didnt affect it, so leave it as it is. Plus, dont feel like blogging about work today, so anyway .... ;)

There's the word "M" anywhere in the world I'm sure, if not ... most countries in the world at least. What am I saying? McDonald's, yes that's right. What about it? 1-2 weeks ago, or rather the last time I was in Zuerich, I went to eat McDonald's in Uster. What's so special about it? Nothing, just that it had been months since I really sit down and have a proper meal in McDonald's. It has been ages and ages. It's so different, in KL it's like every now and then that I have it and I somehow can't live without it [I'm so bloody unhealthy] and now I can count how many times I have in a month. It's almost zero, if not then once. I just dont feel tempted to have it, the urge, the cravings for McDonald's is just not there.

This is the 1st ever time in 2007 that I have a set meal in McDonald's

Talking about McDonald's in KL and here, the comparison is huge. Well, let's not talk about the price range as you cannot compare it this way, but the product itself. The burgers is so bloody small, the french fries I can only say omg because in KL they fill it until cant fill it anymore, but here ... it's not really full and some want to complain[KL] that McD workers are selfish. Furthermore, the burgers are considered not bad of a size already, as the sizes here =.= is reallly realllly small. Surprising? Maybe haha.

This is one of their burgers ... does it look big? Average maybe .. BUT ... dont be deceived

Look at it!!! Isnt it small? How to get full? It's not even enough to fill my stomach =.= it feels like I have never even eaten =.=

This is the cheeseburger, it's not as big as you thought it is, maybe it just looks big in this pic but it's actually not ... AND .. it's just a tad bigger than the previous burger

How miserable can it be to dine in McDonald's =.=

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Anonymous said...

damn right, dede! it's soooooooo freakinnnnnnn small. my gosh, how to fill our stomach? -_-''