Thursday, May 17, 2007


Heard of the Lonely song Mr Akon? Lonely .. I am so lonely .. I am nobody ... or MJ's song alone? You are not alone ... I am here with you ... but it meant the opposite of MJ's song.

Oops before that, there's a convo took place few days ago

*I was serving, noticed that these 2 guys kept looking at me serving but more so on another guy, kept looking and smiling like ... =.= so .. er ..*

Someone: Excuse me, where are you from?
Me: Malaysia :)
Someone: Ahhh I see, because my friend here has not been to Malaysia, and when he saw you, he was like WOW ... incredible
Me: ahh ... *smile* *smile* *keep smiling coz dunno what to say haha*

Okie ... I am not a dying species =.= thank u :D

continue here, I am having my day off now, enjoying, shaking legs at home after yesterday's nite when I almost died doing closing due to the tiredness, exhaustion and I felt so drained. It always feels different as it depends who is the waiter =.= anyway, luckily I am off today;) It never felt better. But somehow ... it's so quiet, so lonely, so isolated, so empty, so estranged and so whatever haha.

So saddening ... to be alone ... emo

because ...

I am not going to Zuerich this week

HAHA! :p

sorry, gomen, excusez moi, enthuldigung ... for blogging nonsense :D


Patchay said...

First comment for you...

Ah moi, apa sal u pergi city tiap tiap minggu? banyak happening lo. Saya sini pun tak pergi city though my place here is considered pinggiran city already.

Btw u ada gambar dengan ah moi switzerland kah? Saya mau tengok macam mana rupanya lol.

Mochii said...

hahahha u said ah moi .. i read it in french moi [me] hahaha that's why i couldnt understand :p im in city but i dont like this city hehe

aku pernak post ah moi swiss ... :D hahahah .. lu pergi tengok sendiri .. aku rasa halloween nite kut

tIcKLe`Me said...

wwooow, my sp is sooo hot! YUMS! :P

Mochii said...

you hot? i know hhaha :D