Saturday, May 19, 2007

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Hi is that you Shelly??...Hey long time no hear how are you?...and how's Danny boy doing? Guess you know it is me...the legendary handsome guy.

=.= I dont know what to say about him, but .... just zzz .... zzz. He changed my name to Shelly last time and had been calling me that ever since. He refers my dad as Danny Boy =.= and he said I like char kueh teow :S omg. Apa benda >.<

Wondering who is that? Erm ... he was one of my managers during my internship in 2005 =.= can go insane ... real real insane talking to him :s

It's weird .. like today, it was rather striking burning hot outside with 21 celcius and whole day, I was feeling quite cold here in my room, when usually is cooler with 12-14 celcius without any striking bright hot sun, I dont feel a thing. It's really ... apa benda. Apa benda cannot be translated coz it literally means what thing ... but the meaning is more like ... what the hell but in a milder way haha.

Today had been nice, though boring ... coz finally Goh found my cable and he can tell me that he couldnt find the last time I asked him =.= so potong stim and I'm just speechless.

Din Din told me that he had burned his in-training report sedih banget sih *emo* but ... nevermind, Goh sent me another person's copy haha *chup*

Yu Wen and I were crapping the other day as usual, on ... why must we do the report as he doesnt really read it.

Just give us the cert okeh, why must trouble us. Husband and wife the same, or maybe gf we dont know, anyway, the weird couple. Cut out your mustouche then you know, then your XXX dont love you anymore, because dont find you sexy any longer without ur most expensive asset = mustouche.

XD hehe .... sighz .... sometimes, it's just depressing to start the week on a Saturday but should be glad, at least I had Saturdays off before and at least, I had Fridays, escape a day. But, it's alright. Ngapa? Monyet besar lebur ... gw gak perlu berarbeite ngannya, bagus donk.

C'est la vie ... das ist Leben ...

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