Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's all work

Nothing eventful is happening, it's all the same old thing. This post is so gonna be boring because it's all about work.

How's work? It's fine, freaking hot and freaking super duper retardedly busy and we have only 2 commis working. Amazing heh? That's why we became some super commis yesterday haha. I signed out at 1.30am.

It's nice to know that my boss had a talk with one of them to be nice to us, the commis, no more shouting or else he has to go. That's why he treated me super nice today HOHO. HAHA. I'm so happy.

It's 5 months now ... time is going on, passing through, without waiting. As what they always say, time waits for no man. It's too fast ... the clock tick-tocking like some bullet train. By the time you look back, only you realize that time had passed with just a blink of an eye, without you realizing and when you realize it ... you go like .. WOW. It has been 5 years already since left school o.O

On another note, this fella name Idiotic Babi somebody who had studied the same class as me, but not someone I had much contact with from before til now, came MSN-ing me few months back and asked me how's things. Okay fine, tough exhausted and tiring. Then, here comes the devil talking to me ... he sounded as if he knows everything, he sounded as if he has lotsa experience and stuff. Sigh, what I hate the most is .. if you want to ask me how's things, then dont tell me how great or how almighty you are. Thanks lots coz he's too idiotic to be great. He sounded as if he's the only one who got the experience ... scheisse, not only you baka. Anyway, it doesnt really matter coz he is too idiotic haha. Si ketot!

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