Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jom, zooh!

He is babi annoying, big, clumsy, slow and most important of all ... retarded :D and cannot be helped anymore, oh schade! [what a pity] tsk tsk

Oh yesterday, there were 2 Thai guests came to the restaurant, sooo happy to know someone who came from somewhere near me. No, they are not my country mates. Haha it feels like as if I met a Malaysian haha but no, they are Thais. Hehe ... sam nuk mak mak [very happy] and I was talking to them close to half an hour :D much more that the time I spent talking to the group of Malaysians who came before quite some time ago hehe ... not on purpose okeh ... and and ... I got tips today, given by one of the waiters, actually it's his ... but he gave it to me :D that amount I can have one scoop of ice cream in Moevenpick or McD's Sundae or one hot dog in Carnavin haha.

We took tram number 6 :D it's the only one which goes to the zoo. The way they pronounced zoo is so damn freaking funny. We pronounce it as zoo Z sound .. but they pronounced it like the chinese way of pronouncing Cho

To all anak malai ... remember RTM? hehe .. yeah saw that in the tram o.O dont pray pray okeh ... RTM o.O but I dont know what did it say, mein Deutsch ist schlecht ... it said like some striking colours something something .. big televisyen advertised something something haha .. people please help? ich verstehe nicht

Geez! Look at the weather! Hot, no? Nearer and nearer to the entrance

Tap water, drink it ... haha .. and walk on further is already the entrance and it's like what ... 16 ch .. bloody hell =.=

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