Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Umm ... hie ... it's late now .. I will blog when I come back from work at 3.30 cheerios

Manor ... Manor ... after settling my air ticket, it was already 2pm and Yu Wen has finished work and thus ... met up in Bahnhof and from there, we went to Manor to get food ... cheap ones.

so here it goes, pizza from Manor. It's like some cheapskate food and place, but as long as it's edible, then it's cool

This is how Manor looks like ..

This is a jacket, of someone who had left it alone. It felt rejected, desolated, abandoned and neglected and eventually became depressed, as nobody bother to pick it up, nobody bother to look at it, see at it. It's left uncared for, untouched and unloved. It felt as if there is no more life, no purpose, no dreams because it felt unheard and unseen. Whatever happens do not matter anymore because it felt so transparent, so lonely and so empty at one corner though noise, laughter can be heard from the surrounding. Somehow, it felt really depleted.

BUT ...

We came ...

haha .. we came to notice it :D


tIcKLe`Me said...

omg, you both look so .. alike!!! :O

Mochii said...

hhahha izzit o.O angles i guess?