Sunday, May 6, 2007

Oh! Oh! Oh! Balik Kampung

Haiz, sad case sial, nobody wanted to say Mun Baan, luckily not that pathetic yet, Iwan did say it .. phew, save me from being the most pathetic person. At least ... phew~~~

As I mentioned, I did go to Zuerich few days ago, actually I went there for a purpose. It's actually to go to MAS office. As I entered the office, I saw a MAS officer but ... er with big curls blonde hair, kembang lagi tu, nampak semacam. Anyway, that's not the point. As I entered, there were 2 fellas there and they turned back to look at me, and obviously I looked at them too. When I entered, I'm like ey, 2 black head, Asian wei. Look at their face, sad to say, dont look Msian, they look Thai instead. There is nothing weird and nothing wrong with a Malaysian being in MAS office, isnt it? It's totally acceptable. So, why did they turn their head for almost 5 times to look =.= I'm Malaysian lar, dont have to look so many times, I'm not Thai okeh. Then, they started talking to each other, confirm Thai. And .. one of them was telling the other about upgrading to business class as referring to the poster, then the other one replied very expensive haha I understood!!!! :P Peng mak :p
Anyway, the colleague of orang semacam attended me and he saw my flight ticket who then told me that my ticket is under the Swiss Office =.= arrrghhh ... I have to go then, he gave me the address of it, which is located at Bahnhf Strasse literally translated as Railway Station street haha ... walk walk walk, walk walk walk ... finally I reached. Woah ... then I was attended by a guy, but he was under Lufthansa and his system doesnt allow him to check the reservation that had been made for me by MAS and later on, he referred me to his colleague under the Swiss Office. Finally .. phew! Then, I was hoping so badly that I will have a ticket because when I called up MAS few days before that, the lady told me that there's no ticket on 27th and 29th June ... no seats available for economic class and I will have to upgrade it. But thennnn ... this lady told me that there's a seat available on 27th June economic class AND ... yessssssss I confirmed it.

Yesss, my ticket is confirmed on 27th June at 12.10 pm from Zuerich Flughafen and I am on the waiting list for the 29th of June 2007.

Therefore, Mun Baan means ... come back ;)


lasilasi said...

heyy only start reading yr blog recently and yes they are very interesting! r u studying in switz?

Mochii said...

woah, welcome here hahah .. erm I was studying and now I am doing my internship before bidding goodbye for good in June