Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pilatus, here I come

Pilatus ... here I come

Umm ... so ... I went to Pilatus with Goh, it's a must-go place for all IMI students coz it's only one and a half hour there from Kastanienbaum, if dont go ... kill myself better considering the 6 months I was there, I didnt go AND that is the first ever place that one should go if he/she studies in IMI. Finally ... I went. That's why I followed Yu Wen back to Zuerich from Genf on Thursday nite, and on Friday very early in the morning, I left Zuerich for Luzern as I met Goh there.

We have not met each other since January or something and first word he told me was ... you are not as cute as before =.= Chiew ... I dont wanna be known as cute too, coz cute is just a nicer way to say than chubby, isnt it haha ... I told him, it's alright, keep it that way :p anyway, he lost weight too ... well he's on a diet plan but not me, I am eating more and more each day that's why I dont believe him hehe XD he's just for salad and diet food only -_- how to survive :s

There's one good news and bad news for me. He said it's almost around 50 CH to Pilatus .... o.O and then good news is that his hotel had this voucher and that we can get like 17 CH per person :o coooool. Off we go ...

This is taken from the boat ... or ship .. erm no .. they call it boat here ... haha wth restaurant inside of it ... reallly nice, good for vacation

IMI Kastanienbaum must be somewhere behind me hehe

Wow so green so nice ..

This is one of the stops, but we did not get down here

This sea is so calm

Quite sunny actually ...

Note: With this boat, we can actually take it from Luzern town back to IMI in Kastanienbaum, some people did that before but I did nto haha


jasonphoon said...

ehh , cute doesn't mean chubby okayyy..

anyways, no pictures of the Pilatus session itself ?

my turn to demand pictures ! haha.

mann said...

im confused. whats this Pilatus thing about? i like the 3rd pic alot.. so green =p

Mochii said...

jason: i have but then .. this is on the way to Pilatus itself hehe ... so from A-Z ...not only the main attraction okeh :D haha for me cute = chubby :D just like old = mature hahahah XD

mann: I will blog bout it later .. next few entries and it's a mountain btw .. 3000 over in height