Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rauchen @ smoking @ fumer @ merokok

Today is not a good day to work, almost everyone got mad today, almost everyone got pissed off today. Particularly in the afternoon, I got so fired up, with so many things that tend to irritate me like hell. Initially, I thought that it was just me as I didnt have enough of sleep [couldnt sleep, insomnia], who knows that later on, I saw so many others got pissed too, one after another. Really not a good day to work. Right at 3pm, it was fine as I have finished haha. My god, should have seen the most torturous moment there. I just couldnt bear it. Everything is just so baka. After work, Tina came and we went to berice-cream and we chill out til 1 something and here I am back haha.

AND ... while I was there, omg ... I touched this really cute doggggg ... and the fur is so so damn bloody smooth and soft ... and and ... omg just fabulous. This is not the first time I'm touching dogs here, but this is the longest and nicest okeh, it's just soooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I cant resist it, I have to touch it, tooo cuteeeeee, soooo adorableeeee, omg .... so so super extremely and absolutely cute and adorable. But, not a dog that can be kept in Msia, sighz. CUTE to the max! I wish I could see this cutie again, so so cute. Lu tahu ga, lu comel banget sih, khun na rak jing jing na

Usually we say smoking is bad for health or merokok membahayan kesihatan but this is a la swiss so we say it as rauchen ist toedlich ... it means .. smoking is death haha

This means ... when you smoke, death comes earlier

Yet, so many people still smoke haha .. as usual ... and death comes faster for me because everyday I smell all that tobacco and stuff until I'm kind of immune now, as it's not only ciggie, because sometimes they smoke some really superbly smelly cigar. Just one person smoke in the cafe, it's enough to kill everyone else.


zewt said...

you're in swiss???? hmmm... interesting.

smoking will forever be in existence as long as humans are around. we are just a bunch of suckers... but i am not though. but like you... a second hand smoker nonetheless...

Mochii said...

yeah im in swiss but will be back in a month's time and yes, as long as there's human, smoking will continue. and yup second hand smoker is just awful

zewt said...

back in a month's time? for good? stay in europe .... earning euros is definitely better than earning RM.

Mochii said...

but not in swiss at least, because we cant live here hahaha ... have to be here at least for 5 yrs BUT ... too bad haha .. yea for good until i decide to leave again