Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Reading anyone?

I'm not gonna blog about every single thing. But just about one or two pointers that he wrote. He said that men do not like to talk. As far as I am concerned, not all guys are like that, I know some or rather quite a number of them who LOVE to talk A LOT. On another matter, he said that when girls have problems, they would share it with othe while for guys, they will said it's nothing. Personally, I always say "nothing" to people when I'm being asked :o Furthermore, he emphasizes that girls love to be heard and never mention about guys at all. But then, I dont really think so, guys want to be heard too, no? At the same time I agree, I agree that talking to some guys at times are really pain in the arse coz they dont seem to give any response, it's as if you are talking to the wall. I agree on some matters that when guys are having problems, they want to be alone, they want to find the solution themselves and at these times, they tend to be extremely quiet.

FINALLY.... finally I have finished this book. It was really REALLY difficult for me to finish this book and I cant seem to focus. Many times that I felt asleep while reading this book. It's one of the most boring book that I read ... but it's also one of the best selling books around. Heh .. not my cuppa tea? But then again, there are lots to learn in this book with countless tips and facts revealed by the writer. However, not all are true.

There .... I think it's just me to find that this book is boring. haha ... I prefer Becky Bloomwood's world anytime. Btw, Becky Bloomwood is the character in Shopaholic book :p

Ice cream, looks so nice .. find it in Manor ... and Manor is some departmental store and also supermarket ... and some Manors have restaurants ... the big ones that is

Bad hair morning ... until look so different =.=

Back to normal ..


jasonphoon said...

ooo , do blog about what you think of the book.

like what you agree/disagree ! that would be interesting.

you like nice in the second picture. accidental good hair day ? ^_^

Mochii said...

hahaha i blogged bout the book already haha .. ok ok will try to blog a little bout it :p

yea accidental ... ahahhah ... everyday different =.=

tIcKLe`Me said...

and becky ooi is a character in your life!!! :P

Jo said...

i hav this book too, but i havent finish it yet, left it back to hometown, now with my papa..hahaha..
but it's kinda nice book with lots of facts to disgest loh..
i'm reading a book called: it's called breakup because it's broken.

Mochii said...

sp: yeah becky ooi, and also known as sp hahaha :p

jo: hahahahah aiseh ... yeah lots of facts that's interesting but at the same time, difficult to stay focus for me haha coz too much i guess hhe, breakup coz it's broken :o sounds interseting eh

Zoe said...

yay to shopaholic series! :P

Mochii said...

hahah yay yay yay :p

G.G. said...

I love the Shopaholic series! I have to know, what product did you use to get your hair from "before" to "after" - I need some!