Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Singapore Restaurant @ Zuerich

I actually dont feel like blogging but then, since I already editted the pics and ready to be uploaded, so anything, alai kodai, apa apa la

This is a place in Zuerich but out of town, located in a very quiet place that we cannot reach by foot. Instead, we have to change the tram in somewhere I dont know where, I just follow as I am so not familiar with Zuerich, besides the shopping place.

So yada yada we went and as we entered, I heard very familiar accents, WOW ... Singapore and Malaysian accents. The ones working in the kitchen are Malaysians, the one that took our order spoke Malay :o sial. This is a place that I have been waiting to go for a long long time. This restaurant is really well-known. At least the students in IMI know about it and oh btw, Andy is doing his in-training there, so nice!

So, anyway .. pics time ... look at that yea ;)

It looks like that from afar

Singapore Restaurant, that's the left and to the right is Raffles Bar ... both under the same management, same owner but Raffles Bar is more expensive

Yu Wen .. dreaming of ... I dunno what

C'est moi

okeh I'm just lazy ... continue next time .. ciaoz

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