Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tiring but fun

I'm back, I'm back from Pilatus and yeah, you read that right, I went to Mt. Pilatus with Goh today haha. So nice and I dont feel like coming back here. Coming back here is like hell. Well, it IS. The journey from yesterday nite til today was a long long story.

First, Yu Wen came to Geneva on Wednesday nite and stayed over at Galih's place and we met up on Thursday, shop shop and I followed her back to Zuerich on Thursday nite. In the train, there are so many annoying incidents happened.

It was crowded, yah train was practically full so we just sat wherever we could find. Coincidently, we sat between these 2 guys. They are seriously retarded ... they were talking French so we couldnt understand but nvm, we spoke Malai and English mix together :D They were so loud, so irritating and thought they are freaking cool. Then, we got pissed, so Yu Wen and I started calling them si bangau gila :D haha .. not like they know. Then, at one point, one of them were saying like we are beautiful and all as if they had never seen Asian before. Think what? I dont understand la now =.= Baka. We were hoping so much that they get down in Lausanne, who knows they really did and what a relief phew! BUT .. not yet. Another 2 guys now at the back started talking damn loud as if he owns the whole train. Torture okehhhh ... okeh last resort ... listen to music.

When we were asleep, I got woken up by the SBB crew saying that the train is reserved and some fellas are coming up in Aarau =.= then I'm like wth. Haiz ... who knows it's the St Gallen Football Club and those guys came up later on and I can only describe them in 2 words ... gila dan mabuk.

Went to Wetzikon, stayed a nite, woke up early in the morning, went to Luzern, met up with Goh, went to Pilatus, came down, travelled around Luzern and finally .... back in Genf. What a tiring day, I asked for it but it's better than sitting here doing nothing and sleep and bum and get chubbier haha. That's all for now, Tschuess!


jasonphoon said...

haha , the guys are saying you and your friend are beautiful but you're saying they are bangau gila . how ironic .. hahah.

what is bangau anyway ? some kinda animal ?

Mochii said...

hahaha coz they are just so so bloody annoying haha :D yeah it's a type of animal and it's such a long time that i havent used or heard this word already :p