Thursday, May 3, 2007

Vevey Trip 5

Scheisse! [shit] I typed one whole long paragraph and it's all gone, nevermind I shall do it for one last time, if the not responding happens again, I will not type everything once more.

It feels like winter again today. It was 11 celcius when I left my place and being the sleepy head as I have always been, I did not realize that it was lower than it usually is. As I opened the door, I saw everyone with their jackets again and some even with their umbrellas. For me, I am always with this long sleeves [not winter jacket] since the day that we changed the time. The wind was pretty strong and I felt very chilly at my face and my fingers were cold. It was actually drizzling. I never put anymore hope that there will not be no terrace in any day anymore. When I least expected it, it happened. As I turned into the street, OMDG! It was so clean and clear, nobody was outside. In fact, the chairs and tables were still tied from the previous night. Oh man, I love this day, I feel like working!!!! For once .. oh wow! During winter, each time they open the back door, I will just freeze though in the kitchen. Cafe is the best place to keep warm. Today, they kept it open for awhile as they were doing some stuff and I stood there on purpose to feel the coldness and went into the cafe for some heater later on. Cafe is a good place to keep warm but maybe too warm for my liking. It used to be 3 celcius each time I throw those poubelle [rubbish] outside when I do closing and it feels so nice. I guess it's around 10 celcius today and it's the perfect weather, not too cold not too hot.

Due to my tiredness this week, my entries on Vevey trip went beyond my expectation. I thought there will only be 3 entries but no, it's already part 4 yet it's not done yet. Fortunately, this will be the last one :) So here it goes again, Vevey

Oh my god, this is like paradise

So angelic, so pretty

with Tina

Finally .. waiting to be 7am .. in order to get back to Genf ... gleis 7, remember?


lasilasi said...

the 1st pic is so stunning!

Mochii said...

yup, i love that scenery