Saturday, June 30, 2007

Chilling out

Once upon a time in Geneva, Tina finished work at 6pm and I already ended my internship, we were hanging around here and there aimlessly and not knowing where to go.

So, we just headed to Lord Nelson Pub which located just a few doors away from where we worked. More info can be found here

Quite a nice place to chill out have a couple of drinks with friends and all, not bad but the seatings are kinda limited.

yeah pour the beer yourself, I saw this 2 person the night next day drinking the same thing again ... like so o.O these people tsk tsk

my best working mate - tina from Taiwan, also from my previous school, IHTTI

with Vicky, Tina's room mate as well as Galih's colleague, and she is holding a Malaysian passport but had been residing in Hong Kong as long as I know

Finally the three of us

Paris Disneyland 2

Jet lag maximum and and ... I dont know, I just feel extremely tired and fatigue. Je suis tres tres tres fatigue. Ich bin sehr sehr sehr muede.

Anyway, let's berdisney together now, alles zusammen

Some blur fella in Beauty and the Beast

like a kid's place ... it's actually like a maze

Still in the maze

When it was so bloody hot, these people were enjoying themselves ... skin cancer

Queen of ants?

I went for a train ride with Minnie Mouse

Managed to snap a pic while on the train, kinda reminds me of the Glacier

Wooo pirates of the carribean ... didnt know it was under Disney

Friday, June 29, 2007

Paris Disneyland 1

I finished my in-training on the 16th of June, Yu Wen on the 17th and on the 18th, Yu Wen came to Geneva while on 19th early morning, we departed from here to Paris at 7 something in the morning. It's just a 3 and a half hours journey.

First stop is our hostel, called Friend's Hostel located in Boulevard de la Chapelle if I remember correctly, not difficult to find at all. Just take a map and the address of the hostel and asked one lady. She showed us how to get there by MEtro. Place isnt bad, it's one of the cheapest hostel in Paris. We dont need anything like hotel, as we were there just to sleep and shower and nothing else matters.

Right after that, we headed to Paris Disneyland. I remembered one year ago in Marketing class, we had to do this assignment on Disneyland all around the world and for me, I was specializing in EuroDisney.

It's Disneyland ... after a long and tiring journey from the hostel, we are finally here, welcome to the fantasy land

As Disneyland is originated from USA, so it's not surprising to see a street called "Main Street USA" in EuroDisney just like our Bahnhof Strasse

While this is the castle

This was after the entrance

Palace ... before entering

Liberty Eagle

AND .... to be continued

I'm back

6.25am now ... Malaysian time ... ummmphhhhhhh ..... and I am back .....

Adik, Tina and DJ sent me off from Carnavin :( Bye Bye Geneva ...

I did not sleep the night before, after I woke up at 11 that day and ... er .... that night I went to Adik's place with Tina dan berborak and we left at 5am to la gare, waited for DJ and planned to take the 5.36am train. Who knows all were like asking me to take 6.14am train. So alright fine I take that.

Then really goodbye at 6.14 I fainted in the train for 3 hours, woke up one stop before Zuerich Flughafen and and ... reached at 9.20am ... oh yea

Didnt sleep in the plane, was one of my worst flights ... felt realy uncomfortable. Food .... haiz ... really like some trash ... and everything is just bad, couldnt sleepppppppp =.=

I slept at 12pm til 7.30pm and then slept again at 12am til now ... or was it earlier o.O

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bye Bye beloved boss

I am back, actuallly ... more like I WAS back from Paris on Wednesday night and I am leaving for Interlaken today, will be heading to Jungfrau on Sunday and Monday will be in Luzern. Finally, I will be back here on Monday night.

So, I'll be going to say bye bye to my boss now :( booohoooooo *dramanya*


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I am gonna be away and will not be frequently online until I get back, and that is if I get to go online, or else you will not see anything here actively like it is used to be.

I will be away and will be back on Wednesday evening and will be away again on Friday night until Monday night and then I should be here on Tuesday but by then, I should be checked-out from this damn place.

So ... I guess ... will settle down on Thursday instead since I am flying off on Wednesday haha !!!

Finit 1

Allo .... so finally I am done and it's so fast, everything is so fast now, in a week's time I'll be home already .. help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .... pourquoi? C'est pas bonne

Monsieur Michel grouped them together for me ... not every single person, all these were the ones working in the terrace, while the one in the cafe wasnt here haha ..
(L-R)Carlos, Loic, Jerome, Christoph aka Lapin aka Ninja, Mr Michel, Vassil from Les Roches, Florence, Stephan and me with Giullaume (dont know how to spell his name) squatting down

Yeah we have the same name ... my boss Mr Michel and me :p the one that always pull my leg =.=

Florence and me at patio, place where we have our meal usually, this is the place for those who eat later than the normal time and the place where Maitre D have their meetings, eat, count money and etc

This is J, training in the kitchen .... didnt really speak to him, but he's nice ahah ... from Les Roches too, he loves Geneva too much, coz this is his 4th or 3rd internship and he did it all in Geneva :s

This is Lapin (Rabbit) and Vassil. Dont look at Lapin like that, but he is damn superbly strong ... his muscles is so da damn kao big :o in his uniform cant be seen

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

I am so not used to it, not used of sleeping so late and waking up late and doing nothing. I feel so free but too free in a matter of fact. I am not used to stay at home, no purpose, doing nothing, seeing nobody and it kinda feels depressing.

I really had nothing to do until to the extent that I went back to the restaurant today ... and hang around there and I felt so touched when my chef asked Tina where am I .. hahahhaha. He said he will drink with me :o He is not supposed to drink, that's why I asked if he is sure he is gonna do that, he said he will for me :o Wah seh~

It's Father's Day and it has to rain heh! Yeah ... Father's Day is not as big or important as Mother's Day heh ... apparently. I text my dad telling him that I am done with my internship and wished him Father's Day. Immediately, he called me back and I wished verbally this time but who knows, he said Father's Day is nothing, just a day people make money and waste our money, so don't have to -_- I just wished, dont need money -_- so sincerely wishing him, he said waste money -_- apa benda ni

To all Fathers worldwide, Happy Father's Day

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I left

Time passes so quickly and this is my last day of work ... :( :(

I was waiting for this very moment, the day that I will be done with my internship. AND now ... I am done with it, I dont feel like I wanna finish it that soon. I am the first one to finish it, but ... I dont feel like it, I wanna stay there longer. Why?

Well ... no matter what, I was there for 6 months long, and what that I dont like initially, became what I like eventually. I had bad times, bitter times but it cannot be denied that I had a share of good times too :) sweet memories and all.

Every beginning has an end ... c'est la vie

From now on, it's time to move on ... and I can't say that people treat me bad as only a handful of people treat me that way but most of them treat me good as I can say. Comments that I got from my evaluation was superbly good as I can say. What my boss had offered me of the means of appreciation is something that I could never ask for and thought of before. So touched~~~ Boohooo ... I was supposed to finish later actually but he gave me earlier :D So nice of him

Friday, June 15, 2007

City of Luzern

Since that for 6 months I was there, I have not taken any pictures on the lion monument, we decided to head over to the lion monument after our ice-cream session in Moevenpick.

This is a terribly and absolutely saddest piece of rock :o This dying beast draped over his shield, with a broken spear sticking out of his flank, was hewn out of a cliff face in 1821 to commemorate the 700 Swiss mercenaries killed in Paris in 1792. On August 10 that year, French revolutionaries stormed the royal palace, the Tuileries; in the face of the mob, the Swiss palace guards were ordered to lay down their arms by Louis XVI and were subsequently massacred. This would be a movingly tranquil spot, with its foliage and gently rippling pool in front, were it not for the fact that it’s the single most touristed place in the entire city.

SOurce: Lucerne

This is the school in Luzern ... compared to my school in a place called Maluri ... like heaven and hell o.O

All these are like going up to the clock tower :D

and this is the city of Luzern ;)

As I have been to the water tower and took pix of it, so we did not go, as well as to the Chapel Bridge

Though I have been here in Genf for almost 6 months now, I prefer Luzern anytime anywhere and anyhow. Luzern is the best ... fuer mich :D Luzern oh Luzern ... ich vermisse dich :( wissen Sie? So peaceful, so calm, it's the best

Where's ur life?

This evening, sitting right in front of my healthy Acebob, looking through my normal daily sites that I visit, has got me into a little confusion.

Friendster, someone in my friend's list commented on my page and I was thinking really hard, who the devil can he be. I didnt bother to check who was that but I was just thinking. Today ... finally ... I checked that page out and until then I didnt know, though he stated he was in the same batch as me in both primary and secondary. Like ... so ... whatever.

Then, I have to check those pics that he uploaded. Thank God, I found out who he actually is! And no, he is not the only one that is doing this weird thing by giving himself a name that I do not know of. So many others are doing the same, as if it's a trend or something. I found so many others ... like .. Eunice la, Desmond la, Kylie la, Kenny la as well as some other weird really weird names .... like so ... wtbg .... no life? Right after f5, so many of them gave a name to themself ... and now ... I am clueless ... who is who. Is it a trend or something. Why don't I know about it? Or rather ... why don't I follow? o.O Lame sial!

So happening? o.O

Anyway ... Acebob is healthy now, he had undergone an operation conducted a few days ago ... and everything's good now .... ich liebe dich ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Let's "gin"

I'm off today ... yeshhhh!!! Funny things happen at work, why? Maybe I should not say this, I'll wait til I finish my internship first before talking bout it. Haha .... and oh ya, yesterday due to its rainy weather, I got to leave earlier than the time I'm supposed to finish. I left at 2.30 pm noon and again at 9.45pm ... while today when everyone was in the kitchen and I was doing the napkins, my boss look at me and whispered to me asking if I wanna leave. Of course I want then he said I may leave, but I dont know if he was joking or meant it, he said yah serious AND as expected, the others were not satisfied but there is nothing I can do about it :p sorry coz I didnt tell them or anything, I just went down to change and that's it ... they saw hahah ;)

I forgot to post this up, this is the cable car that we took when I went to Pilatus

When we reached Luzern and went downtown .... I was craving so badly for ice cream as usual, it's more like an obsession now ... haha ... and this place is so Moevenpick, one look you will know that it is Moevenpick already. I prefer Luzern's outlet more than anywhere else, especially the one located at downtown. I love the environment, the ambience and all. Not to forget that a group of us went there at 11 pm one day before our dissertation submission before in November last year and after that, I felt so much better and relieve and I could focus once again ;)

Later on, we went visiting in Luzern but that will come after this. Along the way to Song Pi Nong from clock tower, we bumped into Ivan and Lengchai Arm. Initially, he didnt say I lose weight, but when he was talking to me and pat my back, he said that I lost weight o.O since when I lost weight =.= At the same time from another direction, we bumped into Sasha and her bf who is also a Masters student. If I am not mistaken, his name is Julio or something like that. They were alswo going to Song Pi Nong ... so tadaaa .... let's eat ;)

This is yellow or green currry ... I think yellow if I am not mistaken and it has to be chicken :D

When I am at home, I tend to hunt for food which is not so Malaysian or Asian while I'm here, I tend to go all the way to have a very homely or local food. I know Thai is not a local cuisine, but it is a very close call. Funny heh ... but that's how it goes

When Goh was there, he was saying yetmei here and there and the owner just shook her head as she was just speechless and .... she told Sasha not to teach him anymore Thai. Haha ... and she was kinda shocked that I can understand this as well as when I was ordering. She really went o.O but .. I didnt understand it, I guessed it hahaha :D

Monday, June 11, 2007

Origin and myths of Pilatus

From Pilatus Kulm, we went down to Fraekmuentegg which took us only 5 minutes and from there we stopped at Kriens which took us 30 minutes with cable car and there was a 70 year old lady that took with us. She was so nice, and my god, she is so bilingual ... 4 languages :o coz she lived in all the different district in Switzerland before and she showed us the way to Kriens bus stop which leads us to Luzern Bahnhof, so superbly nice and explained a little about this and that on the way down. SO niceeeeee

A little of the history here about Pilatus
When Richard Wagner reached the summit of Mount Pilatus in 1859, he was overcome by the breathtaking views over central Switzerland. SInce then, millions of tourists from all over the world have enjoyed the same amazing experience as acclaimed composer of the Nibelungen Rings. Such famous people as England's Queen Victoria (on horseback), King Don Carlos of Spain and Antarctic explorer Lincoln Ellsworth have marvelled at the magnificient Alpine panorama from Mount Pilatus

There are some reason behind Pilatus symbol or you call it mascot or whatever ... anyway it's a dragon if you notice it from the first part of my entry. From time immemorial, mysterious legends and myths have enshrouded the rugged cliffs high above Lucerne. In the middle Ages, the bleak crevices were believed to be the haunt of a well-meaning dragon and spirits. It was said that the restless ghost of the Roman governer Pontius Pilate had found its final resting place in former Lake Pilatus. For a very long time it was forbidden to climb the mountain. Woe to anyone who disturbed the ghost of Pontius Pilate!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pilatus Part 6

Haiz ... now I look as if I went tanning already ... damn damn bloody superbly dark now =.= baka and it's so the memsheissefying, tell me what's so nice about staying under the sun eating and drinking ... what's so niceeee? Even when I walk to work I felt so terribly torturing under the sun and those buggers can actually ENJOY being under the sun, it feels so sickening =.= sun sun sun, everyday sun ... shitto, dummy weather

Anyway Pilatus ... haha .. I'm procastinatng, and dragging it longer and longer ... heh ...

Yay we reached the top and what do we do?

Take pix of course, what else ... yeah besides enjoying the scenery and the fresh air of course

While walking back, turn back and look awhile ...

Yeay we are done!

Again, I wanna complain about the weather, it's toooooo hotttttttttttttttttttt =.= I cant bear it anymore, I cant wear long sleeves anymore now .... too hot ...just too hot ... hot until I really really dunno what can I say. Snow ... where are you? :(

Friday, June 8, 2007

Pilatus Part 5

Pilatus again ... 2 and a half weeks left my god ... and I dont know if I can get connection back home *pray* haha will message those whose number I have okeh ;)

Too bad no snow ... or else can sit on snow :p

I have horrible weeks to go through these days due to the weather. It's just gotta be hot, hot and even hotter and people just love tanning, eating and drinking. I need some fresh air and some natural beauty to relax.

Chilling time with clear blue sky

Da ... or hier ... or ici ... or sini ... or here, nothing much actually hahah

Seriously need a break from the crowded busy city life ... I am a very countryside person these days haha, what to do ... IMI is like that

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pilatus Part 4

Status: Recovered ... except for sore throat ... pada pa padap ...

Anyway, Pilatus... and Pilatus, I am seriously procastinating like nobody's business, anyways ....

ombg .... damn tanned! hahah seeee ... almost the same height :p I have not seen him since January this year, definitely a good time to do some catching up :D This pic was taken by a very kind lady who happened to pass by that area and offered to take a pic of the both of us ;)

The world is wide, and there are a lot of things to be learned, and seen ... all we have to do is just to open our eyes and we will realize that there are lots of interesting things that we dont know of

It's all darkness around us, but in one small little corner ... there will be sunlight and there is where we find our happiness :D

We need to put our own effort to get what we want, but we need some luck in that too ...

Sometimes, we get tired about things and just too drained to do anything anymore. You feel like you have no purpose in life. Stop there, relax, take a deep breath and after you are recovered ... continue the journey ;)

p/s: im testing ... dunno which is better, pics with messages, or pics without messages ... umm ... contemplating ... still under consideration and experiment ...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pilatus Part 3

Rate of blogging is getting slower and slower ... and slower and slower ... but ... it will not be gone

It's one of my worst working days. I had like 11 hours of sleep I guess. I felt terrible, seriously horrible. I was freezing away at 21 celcius yesterday, with long sleeves long pants socks under the comforter. Those who know me will know that I am confirmed sick because with this weather, I will usually complain that it's hot. Things were different yesterday and body temperature went up. When I woke up, I felt like calling in sick, but nvm .. I will see how it goes. I went there ... even before I work, I already felt like I have worked for 10 hours. I couldnt walk my normal speed of walking. Slower ... and even I work, I couldnt. I just couldnt. Even if someone shouted at me, I cant move but not like anyone did. People kept asking me if I am okay. I have to be okay even though I am not, isnt it =.= I came back and slept another 2 and a half hours. I still dont feel good and by 10 pm ... I was much better.

Pilatus time

Always believe in hope, and always have faith in whatever we do ... something that we should strongly hold on to. Dont give up. There's always a light in the end of the tunnel. And there's where we have hopes, hoping that luck will be on our side. My dad kept reminding me to have hope when I had that accommodation crisis in the beginning of the year.

Keep on hoping, we can turn things around and continue hoping, eventually ... things will just turn out like what we wanted it to be. Everything can be faded, but not hope. It's not to be faded. It's just a word ... but it means a lot, it's a very strong word.

Tadaa . Luzern's very own mountain ... that many people do not know of :p

This is the whole of Luzern, kinda cloudy that day. Well, not exactly. It's actually cloudy sunny cloudy sunny =.=

Some things we have to experience it ourselves. We have to walk it by our two feet while others are there just to support us, to guide us through. No matter if it is dark, or bright ... we have to go through and there's always some light shining through.