Saturday, June 30, 2007

Chilling out

Once upon a time in Geneva, Tina finished work at 6pm and I already ended my internship, we were hanging around here and there aimlessly and not knowing where to go.

So, we just headed to Lord Nelson Pub which located just a few doors away from where we worked. More info can be found here

Quite a nice place to chill out have a couple of drinks with friends and all, not bad but the seatings are kinda limited.

yeah pour the beer yourself, I saw this 2 person the night next day drinking the same thing again ... like so o.O these people tsk tsk

my best working mate - tina from Taiwan, also from my previous school, IHTTI

with Vicky, Tina's room mate as well as Galih's colleague, and she is holding a Malaysian passport but had been residing in Hong Kong as long as I know

Finally the three of us

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