Friday, June 29, 2007

Paris Disneyland 1

I finished my in-training on the 16th of June, Yu Wen on the 17th and on the 18th, Yu Wen came to Geneva while on 19th early morning, we departed from here to Paris at 7 something in the morning. It's just a 3 and a half hours journey.

First stop is our hostel, called Friend's Hostel located in Boulevard de la Chapelle if I remember correctly, not difficult to find at all. Just take a map and the address of the hostel and asked one lady. She showed us how to get there by MEtro. Place isnt bad, it's one of the cheapest hostel in Paris. We dont need anything like hotel, as we were there just to sleep and shower and nothing else matters.

Right after that, we headed to Paris Disneyland. I remembered one year ago in Marketing class, we had to do this assignment on Disneyland all around the world and for me, I was specializing in EuroDisney.

It's Disneyland ... after a long and tiring journey from the hostel, we are finally here, welcome to the fantasy land

As Disneyland is originated from USA, so it's not surprising to see a street called "Main Street USA" in EuroDisney just like our Bahnhof Strasse

While this is the castle

This was after the entrance

Palace ... before entering

Liberty Eagle

AND .... to be continued

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