Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Finit 1

Allo .... so finally I am done and it's so fast, everything is so fast now, in a week's time I'll be home already .. help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .... pourquoi? C'est pas bonne

Monsieur Michel grouped them together for me ... not every single person, all these were the ones working in the terrace, while the one in the cafe wasnt here haha ..
(L-R)Carlos, Loic, Jerome, Christoph aka Lapin aka Ninja, Mr Michel, Vassil from Les Roches, Florence, Stephan and me with Giullaume (dont know how to spell his name) squatting down

Yeah we have the same name ... my boss Mr Michel and me :p the one that always pull my leg =.=

Florence and me at patio, place where we have our meal usually, this is the place for those who eat later than the normal time and the place where Maitre D have their meetings, eat, count money and etc

This is J, training in the kitchen .... didnt really speak to him, but he's nice ahah ... from Les Roches too, he loves Geneva too much, coz this is his 4th or 3rd internship and he did it all in Geneva :s

This is Lapin (Rabbit) and Vassil. Dont look at Lapin like that, but he is damn superbly strong ... his muscles is so da damn kao big :o in his uniform cant be seen


snail~ said...

:o...hehe...now i know y ppl melt ady.... :p heheheh

Mochii said...

hahhahah u know lor hor :p agree or not

tIcKLe`Me said...

wah leng jai! :P

Mochii said...

siapa? o.O