Saturday, June 16, 2007

I left

Time passes so quickly and this is my last day of work ... :( :(

I was waiting for this very moment, the day that I will be done with my internship. AND now ... I am done with it, I dont feel like I wanna finish it that soon. I am the first one to finish it, but ... I dont feel like it, I wanna stay there longer. Why?

Well ... no matter what, I was there for 6 months long, and what that I dont like initially, became what I like eventually. I had bad times, bitter times but it cannot be denied that I had a share of good times too :) sweet memories and all.

Every beginning has an end ... c'est la vie

From now on, it's time to move on ... and I can't say that people treat me bad as only a handful of people treat me that way but most of them treat me good as I can say. Comments that I got from my evaluation was superbly good as I can say. What my boss had offered me of the means of appreciation is something that I could never ask for and thought of before. So touched~~~ Boohooo ... I was supposed to finish later actually but he gave me earlier :D So nice of him


jasonphoon said...

congratulations !!

I wonder what's next ? ^_^

Mochii said...

go back home and sleep haha