Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Let's "gin"

I'm off today ... yeshhhh!!! Funny things happen at work, why? Maybe I should not say this, I'll wait til I finish my internship first before talking bout it. Haha .... and oh ya, yesterday due to its rainy weather, I got to leave earlier than the time I'm supposed to finish. I left at 2.30 pm noon and again at 9.45pm ... while today when everyone was in the kitchen and I was doing the napkins, my boss look at me and whispered to me asking if I wanna leave. Of course I want then he said I may leave, but I dont know if he was joking or meant it, he said yah serious AND as expected, the others were not satisfied but there is nothing I can do about it :p sorry coz I didnt tell them or anything, I just went down to change and that's it ... they saw hahah ;)

I forgot to post this up, this is the cable car that we took when I went to Pilatus

When we reached Luzern and went downtown .... I was craving so badly for ice cream as usual, it's more like an obsession now ... haha ... and this place is so Moevenpick, one look you will know that it is Moevenpick already. I prefer Luzern's outlet more than anywhere else, especially the one located at downtown. I love the environment, the ambience and all. Not to forget that a group of us went there at 11 pm one day before our dissertation submission before in November last year and after that, I felt so much better and relieve and I could focus once again ;)

Later on, we went visiting in Luzern but that will come after this. Along the way to Song Pi Nong from clock tower, we bumped into Ivan and Lengchai Arm. Initially, he didnt say I lose weight, but when he was talking to me and pat my back, he said that I lost weight o.O since when I lost weight =.= At the same time from another direction, we bumped into Sasha and her bf who is also a Masters student. If I am not mistaken, his name is Julio or something like that. They were alswo going to Song Pi Nong ... so tadaaa .... let's eat ;)

This is yellow or green currry ... I think yellow if I am not mistaken and it has to be chicken :D

When I am at home, I tend to hunt for food which is not so Malaysian or Asian while I'm here, I tend to go all the way to have a very homely or local food. I know Thai is not a local cuisine, but it is a very close call. Funny heh ... but that's how it goes

When Goh was there, he was saying yetmei here and there and the owner just shook her head as she was just speechless and .... she told Sasha not to teach him anymore Thai. Haha ... and she was kinda shocked that I can understand this as well as when I was ordering. She really went o.O but .. I didnt understand it, I guessed it hahaha :D


SOn said...

It's always so nice to read ur blog, looking at the pictures.. feels like i just took a holiday myself. hahaha... the kueh tiaw really looks like our soup kueh tiaw.

tIcKLe`Me said...

thai food! yum! :)

Mochii said...

hahahhaah woah ... which means you always have a holiday hehe :p haha nvm can have real kueh teow in a week and a half or so :D

sp: thai food is yum 4 sure