Monday, June 11, 2007

Origin and myths of Pilatus

From Pilatus Kulm, we went down to Fraekmuentegg which took us only 5 minutes and from there we stopped at Kriens which took us 30 minutes with cable car and there was a 70 year old lady that took with us. She was so nice, and my god, she is so bilingual ... 4 languages :o coz she lived in all the different district in Switzerland before and she showed us the way to Kriens bus stop which leads us to Luzern Bahnhof, so superbly nice and explained a little about this and that on the way down. SO niceeeeee

A little of the history here about Pilatus
When Richard Wagner reached the summit of Mount Pilatus in 1859, he was overcome by the breathtaking views over central Switzerland. SInce then, millions of tourists from all over the world have enjoyed the same amazing experience as acclaimed composer of the Nibelungen Rings. Such famous people as England's Queen Victoria (on horseback), King Don Carlos of Spain and Antarctic explorer Lincoln Ellsworth have marvelled at the magnificient Alpine panorama from Mount Pilatus

There are some reason behind Pilatus symbol or you call it mascot or whatever ... anyway it's a dragon if you notice it from the first part of my entry. From time immemorial, mysterious legends and myths have enshrouded the rugged cliffs high above Lucerne. In the middle Ages, the bleak crevices were believed to be the haunt of a well-meaning dragon and spirits. It was said that the restless ghost of the Roman governer Pontius Pilate had found its final resting place in former Lake Pilatus. For a very long time it was forbidden to climb the mountain. Woe to anyone who disturbed the ghost of Pontius Pilate!


jasonphoon said...

Maybe the symbol is a dragon because there's a dragon there ! Like it can burn people or something ! Ok i'm being stupid.

Mochii said...

myth o.O dunno true or not also hahaha