Friday, June 8, 2007

Pilatus Part 5

Pilatus again ... 2 and a half weeks left my god ... and I dont know if I can get connection back home *pray* haha will message those whose number I have okeh ;)

Too bad no snow ... or else can sit on snow :p

I have horrible weeks to go through these days due to the weather. It's just gotta be hot, hot and even hotter and people just love tanning, eating and drinking. I need some fresh air and some natural beauty to relax.

Chilling time with clear blue sky

Da ... or hier ... or ici ... or sini ... or here, nothing much actually hahah

Seriously need a break from the crowded busy city life ... I am a very countryside person these days haha, what to do ... IMI is like that


jasonphoon said...

wahh , so many poser pictures :P

i wish there was some fresh air place here in KL too release stress though. oh yeah, I have the park to go too. too many monkeys though. okay i shutup now ...

Mochii said...

hahah no poser pics *look left look right* dont have :D

hahahhaha monkeys :o ur relatives :D :D hahaha where is the park btw? :p

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah.. its hot here too...

the scenery looks so intriguing and serenading.. hahhaa!!

eh.. y peluk peluk ni?


Mochii said...

yeaaaa can dieee

yea scenery is really nice, if there's time i will blog bout the myth of pilatus :D

mana ada peluk haha, that's not peluk :D

Zoe said...

you've been to so many places already! should tell the myth as well ma!

Mochii said...

hahahha told edi :D