Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blee Blee

Heehee ... I went out yesterday, totally unexpected that I will join them. Probably due to the boredom that could cause anxiety and depression at a later stage if I do not get my ass out. It's funny and weird, like .. when people used to tell me to go out when I was in Geneva, I refused, I rather stay in my soulless room, which only filled with stuff and nothing else. Nowadays, I am seriously dying to go out, I can really just die of boredom. Yeah, I met so many that I just do not know who are they o.O I know some previously, I guessed some and some I totally have no idea who are they. I am deeply sorry but the person that I should recognize was Yung Yung but I could not. Lolz ... sorry deh =.=

I was in the bank yesterday and it was such a waste of time going there as I wanted to change from my junior account to the normal one. But, I procrastinated for what ... 5 years now and I have finally gone haha. It was such a waste of time, as they already change it for me =.= Well, the lady asked too if I am interested working in a banking line o.O like .. no? Haha ... totally unexpected HEH =.=

2 more days .... just 2 more days that I will be using the lorry Avanza I am driving now ... which I will then change to Mini Kecik Mouse Kancil on Thursday night. =.= booo~

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jasonphoon said...

hahah , still junior accoount. ^_^

by the way , i drive an avanza too back home.

Kinda think of it, I miss driving ... :(

Mochii said...

lolz what, i opened the account when I was 17 mar .. then the year after they asked me to change until now and when i finally went, they already did it ahaha

Iwan Sanchez said...

oh dear!! u drive a lorry??? hahahahhaa!!

i cant stop laughing!! hehehe!!!

but kancil damn small lah..

Mochii said...

what you laugh lolz .. avanza is a lorry wat haha :p in my dictionary hehe ... when i told people lorry, they really thought lorry =.= adoi yeah for one week only then change back to lorry hehe