Sunday, July 15, 2007


I just got into the cinema few days ago .. and I got a call

Guy: Hi can I speak to Michela please *yeah he has the courage to pronounce my name so god damned wrongly*
Me: Who is this
Me: Yes, who is this
Guy: Do you remember me? Working in Equatorial 3-4 years ago, I am Zaman from Bangladesh
Me:*oh shit and stunned from the surprised call*
Me: Hello ... hello *pretended I could not hear and hang up*

The very next day ... I got a sms

Hi, Michale, good morning, how are you? You remember me about 3/4 years ago, I'm Zaman

No morning, and I don't care if I remember you or not, even I do .. it's not important, the most important thing is stop calling me and get lost. Thank you very much, your co-operation is much appreciated.

Wah lao ... even after 4 years -_- and he had left the country .. and my mobile went offline for one year ... and he can still call me -_-


jasonphoon said...

maybe he follow your blog , and knows when you come back maalysia ?

Mochii said...

LOL .. noooooooo ... hahaha freaky o.O

Shea Speare said...

BerZaman-zaman kemudian, he will still keep track of you. Hahahaha!

tIcKLe`Me said...

wahlauwei, terror. ur fan base goes all the way to bangladesh too. :P

Mochii said...

shea: noooooo he freaks me out =.=

sp suam: no no no no no no =.=