Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finit 6

Umm .. I was asked to go exercise, either jogging or swimming. I hate jogging when I have to do it alone, and I don't mind swimming if it's alone. A plus point is that, I forgot that my mom has a membership card to the Kiara Club, which means I can go swimming :o only if I am hardworking okie :D hehe

I know that this has been going on and on and on, but I have no choice, there's so much to blog about, there are so many pictures with the extent of laziness, procastination and there are things to blog about about what's happening here in M'sia.

This is my sous chef. One crazy chef. Everyday, he will ask if I love him. =.= and everyday he will say he loves me -_- even though I say I don't. Then, he stand next to me, just to touch my hand .. and I'm like .. what are you doing =.= then on the day I finished, he gave me a kiss on my forehead .. zzz .... then on my cheeks the next time he saw me :S then the 3 kisses greetings cheek to cheek everytime -_- he lives not far away from me and yah once he tried to kid people that he can have 10 wives LOL .. like .. dont lie :D I know it okie :p

This is the guy I call Lapin aka Rabbit alongside Tina. A typical French guy lolz ... literal translation from French to English when he speaks to us haha .. but I can understand phew~ that makes him really cute LOL

Courtesy of my departure, this 2 can still take pix together, no arguments haha, all in peace. Yeah this guy, he cannot take the stress. He shouts each time he's under pressure. Yeah .. even though you're already busy. As I said, trainees or interns are robots there :p but then, he shouts or not, it doesn't make a difference as we already tried our best. That's the reason also both of them argued :o

Since he loves asses so much, I grant him his wish. Usually, he just has to whack my butt and I do not know why =.= and when you whack him back, he said "i love it, darling" -__-


tIcKLe`Me said...

i love you too daaarling!


Mochii said...

lol spank me 4 wat haha

Iwan Sanchez said...


cium cium here and cium cium there!
peluk peluk here and peluk peluk there..

he likes u eh? infatuated with u??


that ass guy is a gay??

y he like ass so much?



Mochii said...

iwan: lolz only one gay there, and he's not the gay :p

hahaha cium cium and peluk peluk is a normal thing, everyday LOL

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah!! NORMAL????

tsk.. tsk....

Mochii said...

LOL .. chill la why so big reaction kaka :p