Monday, July 23, 2007

HY, the fisherman

He was my ex-classmate. We were classmates until early 2004 until he met into a serious accident that put him unconscious.

What happened then was ... he wanted to protect his gf who was at the passenger seat and so ... he went into the divider. As a result, coma for him. He sacrificed his life for her :o

It has been 3 years over since the accident happened. He was fighting all the way, all the way from that day. Since then, he showed no signs. However, once awhile, he did move his fingers a little.

It was tragic, seriously tragical for everyone in my class. It's just something we could not believe. He's so young and this accident practically hit his friend's (that had been with him since secondary until college) face like an explosion, for JC has a phobia of driving then.

Yesterday, I had a phone call ... and he took his last breath at 9.30 am. He lost the battle. It's heartbreaking, it's tragic, it's disastrous. He has a bright future in front of him, and this has to happen. Nobody expected this. Probably, this is a good way too, to end all his sufferings. It wasn't easy for him, both himself and his family. The accident was fatal.

HY, rest in peace, I'm sure you will have a better and happier life


Iwan Sanchez said...

so sad...

everytime i heard a person die from accident, i have this tinge of sadness cos i lost my very very best buddy to a road accident..

he died on the spot..

so sad...

reminscing abt it now..


Mochii said...

yea really sad :( so young :(

*pat pat* abang

jasonphoon said...

I guess I'm fortunate enough to have not gone through such an experience.

rest in peace HY.

Mochii said...

yeah ... really lucky :) but at least, it ends all his sufferings

Ji Yuan said... save his gf...unbelievably loving...the gf is safe?

at least he doesn't have to suffer..let him go peacefully

be careful one the road...

Mochii said...

yup, his gf escaped without injuries

yeah, he's gone and im sure it's a relief

tIcKLe`Me said...

kesiannya. :(

so sweet. iskii wont do that for me. :(

Mochii said...

memang kesian :(

meow lol

Zoe said...

Sorry to hear that Elle. But right, he doesn't have to suffer anymore.

Mochii said...

zoe: yeah it does good for him and his family, the burden must be huge, and he suffers so much, I'm sure he's at a better place now