Thursday, July 12, 2007

Paris 1

It's a J-card member Day today and I planned to go BUT I accidentally woke up late and by the time I got there, the parking was already FOOL FULL *what da ......* 3pm =.= nvm forget about it, anyway I went to an alternative place at The Curve instead, but not that bad, as I bought 3 things for 50 bucks from Nichii, good price :D

Paris ... finishing soon ... and probably will post something from here, as in ... in Malaysia before going on to Interlaken and Jungfrau ;) Dont know see how ... :D

After checking out from the hostel, we came here ... at Magdalaene, I think my ex-boss worked near here before ... haha he drew the map of almost the whole Paris to tell me where he was working previously -_-

Then we stopped by here to take pix

Followed by the fountain :D which is located very near with the pic above

Haussmann ... so German-ish in France :o


Patchay said...

cheh cheh lately i've been traveling alone .. so dats why missing person... wat to do? I go everywhere wit my camera in my hand.. paserby say i siao.. everything aso take picture!

I wan to go Pari (no pronounce s, rite?) !!! I dono why my new place internet here cannot load ur chatbox...

zeroimpact said...

J card sales where where
And yes, there always fool one why can't they make more parking space

Mochii said...

pat:hahahah ... travel alone bettter than cannot travel at all, i dont mind doing that :p paris is not that good la, not that awesome like what people has been saying but it's not that bad either, it's alright :D

matthew:hahah yesterday la J-card members day lol ... yea but then no matter how many car parks they build wont be enough umm

snail~ said...

why a roman looking building doing in paris? :S

what is it actually? museum?

Mochii said...

there are many buildings like that across Europe