Sunday, July 15, 2007

Paris 2

Woof! There is one word to describe my hair now - simply retarded. Seriously retarded. So abnormal that nothing else could describe it. I so do not like it now. I have to spend much much more time now. Previously, just comb a few times and now .. oh gosh, it feels like it takes forever just to comb and it doesn't look nice. Damn! Dang! The only good thing about it is ... it saves so much time on drying now while before it takes like dont-know-how-many-freaking-hours to completely dry.

Oh and yea ... I so hate it when I enter a shop, and that bugger just has to tail me every step I make. I do not have to steal, so stay back. Even if I wanted to buy, I ended up not buying due to this kind of idiotic nuts. I hate it like hell. Why do I have to steal. Why are they so paranoid. Why? Idiotic case! I'm pretty sure that it is nothing unusual here, but I just cannot accept it. Simply retarded, just like my hair. Even if it means that the shop is so damn freaking small. They still wanna tail me. I hate the feeling of being tailed around like I'm gonna steal and run at any point of time. Bugger! Celaka babi is the word. Scheisse is the look of the face. Putain is the .... whateva. Sheesh!

Anyway, Paris I love you, so I came back to you.

This is the famous Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile in Paris. This was our last stop there before heading back to our lovely Swiss. This is the world's largest triumphal arch.

This is the sculptures of the arc. At the bases of the Arc's pillars are four huge relief sculptures, commemorating The Triumph of 1810 (by Cortot); Resistance, and Peace (both by Etex); and The Departure of the Volunteers, more commonly known as La Marseillaise (by François Rude)

There were so many people involved in the war and all of them were engraved here and it can be seen on the walls of the Arc. Engraved around the top of the Arch are the names of major victories won during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods.

This is the admission to enter the Arch. Enjoy your time paying 6.10 Euros to enter and climb 284 stairs or 50 metres. For us, we don't have the time.

SO many dates to be remembered ... this is just one of them, and there are lots more :s

We have done it ... :p

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snail~ said...

u and ur sister looks cheerful :)


Mochii said...

zzzz... how come I have a sister? :o
woah snail not bad, you know and I dont haha