Monday, July 2, 2007

Paris Disneyland 3

I cant believe it, I actually ATE KFC today! After like what ..... 7 months! YEsh! and I saw my ex-classmate but she did not see me, as she went to take-away instead XD

Anyway, Disneyland first

Pirates of the Caribbean ... entrance

and all the pirates ... haha

some wheels I think

and a bridge

a bed for them ... we cant enter or else I will be asleep there

Stop by here to get some shed before getting the damn superbly sunny hot weather that can kill people

Emergency break ... with Yu Wen


zeroimpact said...

I want to go to disneyland too
Where is Mickey and Goofy and Donald

Mochii said...

sad to say couldnt take pics with them
DAMN depressing