Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Paris Disneyland 4

Why is it so damn hot here? WHYYYYYYYYY??????????????

Anyway ... Paris, but weather there was also THAT hot or at least I felt that at that time

Street parade ....

Little Mermaid

Woof ... goofy poor thing, he has to sit behind of the vehicle

Winnie where have you been ... I thought you supposed to be doing your in-training in London, but why are you in Disneyland instead o.O ooops cut that if she sees this, she is so gonna kill me

This is the most seductive and charming lion I have ever seen in my life .. serious, he is really charming, the way he looks at you, close his eyes, open his eyes, the way he blinks his eyes can just make you melt right there and then


Anonymous said...

haha. the seductive lion~ wofffff, melted!

Mochii said...

hahahah really woof! if only he's a human hahaha :p