Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Paris Disneyland 5

I got all my bags and shoes from Tom already and ... ummm .... not enough space for my shoes ... ummphhh ... nvm. Though this is a known fact but I still wanna complain, I am seriously painfully melting and dying under the hot sunny and burning weather. It's until the extent of intolerable and unbearable for normal human beings. I salute to those who can survive without AC, you are the best. I do not know how to pass the other days, like just ... how? It's so freaking hot, hot and even hotter. I just do not feel like leaving the house. Knowing that the afternoon weather is like shit, the night weather is no better than that. I was sweating at nite -_- scheisse like hell.

Anyway after complaining about the weather, continue with Paris Disneyland

Three Disney old school characters, Mickey Minnie and Donald Duck, btw Donald's ass is damn cute haha

Axcalibur .... I took at the same spot 2 years ago XD

i like the backdrop

and the chair is so freaking high

We wanted to sit ... but then there were no benches or chairs, so we took this ride instead :D


Shea Speare said...

Eh...this one looks like more characters in Disneyland unlike Japan.

Envy, envy...

Johnny Ong said...

i'm planning to go for hongkong's disney......heard that it's a small one compared to the one in LA