Thursday, July 5, 2007

Paris Disneyland 6

I had one of my best sleeps few days ago and I beat my own record of sleeping for 16 hours straight previously. This time, I slept 18 hours straight, and that is my current record in KL. My record in Swiss was 23 hours straight. Woa ... sounds like coma. =.= dont have to say anything coz I dont know what can I say myself. Oh btw, I went to Murni the other day ... met SP, Katze and friends and not to forget my beloved ex-classmate Ketam or Crabbie :D :D still the same crabbie and ... sigh he loves Marco so much tsk tsk. Before that, I met Kylie and Snail.

Paris Disneyland ... this is the closing post ... yeh finally

Our dinner :D

Act macho ... then wht's the most potong stim is that later on he took out a water gun and started shooting at us -_-

And .. I saw my friend!!!! Mouseeee .... rattttttt :D

Disney car .. dont pray pray

If I say, this cost 15,000 Ringgit ... that would be expensive, if I say this cost 15,000 Swiss Frans it wil be OMDG! But ... it is in Euros ... 15,000 Euros .... madness

Disney Studios ... the one that Euro Disney is known for ... like the one in US .. dunno which one, they are known for the conference if I remember correctly, not that I went haha .. but er ... research

Disney Village

Before leaving, I got a souvenir .. and this is it, the design might look familiar because it is the design of my necklace

And ... the entrance fee is actually 40 over Euros for only one park ... since that I have my student card with me, I got for only 36 Euros for 2 parks .. like damn fab

Coming up ...
Eiffel Tower

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