Sunday, July 8, 2007


Today, is the day that only comes once in a hundred years, which is 07.07.07. Usually, I ignore and these things just do not get my attention. But, it's a little different today. I take notice of it. Why? Reason is as below. And no, it is not due to the fact that 291 couples got married.

Early in the morning, my stomach was growling once again, it's nothing strange because I get hungry quite easily these days and I have been eating and enjoying those food in whichever way I can. Bihun with sambal, half-boiled egg milo ais .... satisfying, that's not the main issue. I went for dinner after that, ate chicken rice and it was awesome, again ... that was not the reason why is it so significant.

But, what is so significant is that ...

I WATCHED movie today!!!!!! A year plus I have not been watching movie and it was truly awesome, plus watching a movie like TRANSFORMERS is just marvelous yang tak terhinggga. Yes, people did ask me for a movie when I was in Geneva, but I rejected because I told them that I want to have a record for myself for not watching and stepping into a cinema for at least one year and I succeeded it. I used to watch one movie per week or maybe more, so for me to not watch a movie for a year over is something I am proud of haha. Overall, this movie is awesome and the autorobots ... oh la la *drool* omg ... feel like watching it again. Watched with Kylie and family haha sort of

Optimus Prime ... haha sort of, has been in this house for yearssssssssssss now, oops got stuck in a plastic :p to keep him far from all the hazards


Di said...


you still have ur OP in good condition!!

I think all my transformers have...erm..."transformed" to unrecognizable piles of plastic pieces... -_-"

at least I found the complete generation 1 transformers cartoon. hehehe... :P

Mochii said...

hahaha that's why it is called transformers :p hehe