Monday, August 13, 2007

8 random facts about me

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Ein: Sleeping is something I spend a lot of time in. Either I sleep a lot, or I sleep damn little but no matter how much I had, I don't seem to have enough. My record was 23 hours straight :p

Zwei: I hate the sun, I hate the hot weather but I lurveeeee the cold weather to bits.

Drei: I love to watch sports :p but not all

Vier: Travelling is part of me

Funf: Honestly, I don't like living in a busy as hell place, but a more peaceful, calm and quiet life. Sound like a retiree, but .. nahhh

Sechs: I am working now =.=

Seben: I love hanging out, even it means I'm already really tired, I can still go out for entertainment

Acht: I enjoy havin good food

Neun: I'm a pure Malaysian

Zehn: Bumping into ex-school mates is not a good thing

Whoever wanna do, then go ahead to do it. Let's just put it I am tagging everyone and not tagging everyone :p hehe


jasonphoon said...

one: 23 hours ? you masuk coma ar ??

nine: you're pure malaysian ? I though you are thai ?

Mochii said...

hahaha no ar not coma :p hehe nice to sleep then sleep haha :D I'm Malaysian!!! ur the Thai boy :p

tingtitlei said...

thai?? so.. youre a thai living in malaysia who speaks .. an unknown language haha. german?

Mochii said...

=.= oik dont believe what jason [gee peh]said okie -_-

Anonymous said...

boss, 7 (sieben) sudah salah tulis. Es ist sieben, nicht seben. haha!

Mochii said...

oui oui, ich vergesse ... entshuldigung, jam mai dai