Saturday, August 4, 2007

A double Malaysian

Finally, pics could be uploaded, it was torturing really for trying to upload gazillion times but all were unsuccessful and only God knows how frustrating it was. Nevermind, connection is good now, and all were successfully uploaded, phew!

We already expected Nicol to beat her opponent, but Azlan brought an all Malaysian winner by giving it a double for us by bringing his opponent down. That guy lost his temper in the 2nd or 3rd set and thus, lost his concentration. Hence, he lost. It was a stunning result but anyway, he proves his worth.

He never gave up ... and it's something very positive as he was behind in quite a huge gap, and the Oz guy had 6 ball game if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, Azlan, GO!!

As expected, Nicol won, no fight, no nothing. The guy in red was mumbling and talking whatever he was saying after the game and nobody was interested and he doesn't seem to know o.O he kept his once upon a time story on and on. Press conference he wanna be pictured too =.= Anyway, it wasn't surprising, and Nicol won very easily, like there's no competition at all.

I googled these pics out, reallly nice ... I love them. Okie Snail, what's the similarity, tell me, I don't see any ^o) and seriously there aren't any, right? right?


KennetH said...

Nicole David...hehe...

Iwan Sanchez said...


Mochii said...

kenneth: hhaha yeah she's the best

Abang: you're singaporean LOL