Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Geneve 2

Voila, dede Claudine (remember to click on her Google ads) created a logo for me ... *look up* yeah the black and white one. Better to stay with black and white as I do not know when where how I will feel a sudden need of change on my layout and theme again. Prevent the clash of colours later on. Danke viel mal

Now, it's the time again .. for my beloved Geneve post. Let's explore a tad bit about that cosmopolitan city.

This is located near the place I stayed, at the same row ... yeah, how near, rite? This is the post office, looks like our high class museum, but it's only a post office. They call it as la poste in French (pronounced:la post) or die post in German (pronounced: D post)

This is rue du Mont Blanc, this is still the post office, big, isn't it? hehe. There are McD's, Burger King, Starbucks and etc here at this street. Though this street is called rue du Mont Blanc, but it is not to be confused with Mont Blanc, as it's different.

This is the famous d'eu jet or you call it as water jet in English. Very refreshing, very cooling ... overlooking one small part of Italy.

Rolex, the international watch brand made in Swiss. Price for one? Don't ask!

This is the hotspot in Geneve, many activities are carried on here during the summer, and I worked near here =.=


selalu said...

the post office looks so nice with the sphere looking tree...!!!

the girls in Mont Blanc look familar....hmm...thai ke?

the fountain...looks high :o

oh yea..where's the cow? :s

Mochii said...

yeah just a post office hahahha

no ler, one is taiwanese, another one was born in malaysia but lived in hong kong for many years

that's what attracts people to geneve haha

this is a city, no cow sorry :p

azaroth said...

too bad i didnt have the chance to visit you in swiss =/

Mochii said...

yea la ... if only i was there longer then maybe can ...

Darren said...

nice photos!

Mochii said...

thanx thanx, more comin up :p

claudine said...

oi giler. go and ask ppl to click. malu sial. =P

Mochii said...

hahahha more people click mar :p