Saturday, August 25, 2007


This plan was an impromptu one. I was actually having my dinner with SP in Food Foundry when Shaz called. Yeah it happened on the same day. I was surprised with the phone call, not so much on the phone call, but more on ... coz it was Shaz. Why must I be surprised coz of Shaz? Surprised that he actually HAS my number, he lost it as many times as I can remember, you all sure knows how capable he is :p

So yeah, after Food Foundry, we went over to Starbucks Center Point. We as in only and me as in Escargot while SP and Meow didn't wanna go. There were 3 people already there, excluding the one working there. 3 as in Shaz himself, William and Zech with Paul working there ;)

This is actually not the first time meeting him, but the second time. The first ever time was last year in The Curve, specifically the Paddington Pancake House when Onii was back here from UK in June. AND ... so many people were there. Oh btw, that's when I met Albert that nite, his colleague. Umm and I didn't know it's him until months later when I got to know of his blog and went like "OH MEIN GOTT, it's SHAZ!" :p

just look at him with 2 starbucks drinks, don't you think he's kewt? :p HAHA

Even kewt-er when all you see is just one cup left, now you see, now you don't

It's the group pic, L-R: Escargot, Shaz, ich, zech and william

I was quite reluctant to take pic ... coz ... he's just soooo tall =.= c'est pas bon la -_- yeah so in the end I took as well ... the ambassador of Starbucks :S

Right, since this post is about meeting up with people ... let's make it another one ...

Last Tuesday, I met up with another person that I have known since last year but have yet to meet. Who? We live quite far apart, he's in Old Klang Road o.O and he's the one who told me about the Bloggers gathering in Friendster Cafe before. BUT, knowing me .. I don't go meeting people in those kind of gatherings. Just not my cuppa tea ;)
Who can you think of? It's Kenny, enjoy your Dubai trip. He brought along his bloggie friend name .. Neil. =.= *swt* I just do not know what to say :S sighz. Anyways, he actually reminds me of someone, I meant Kenny. o.O another person who is so common with someone else I know o.O

It was really nice meeting with them


snail~ said...

errrr.....i think its taman desa =.= (kenny).... oh yea...he did reminds me of someone too..hehehehe

hmm...shaz is really tall =.=

Mochii said...

it's the same, it's that area too ^o) yesss but i like his height :p

a^ben said...

so when is mochii meeting ben? lolsss :P

Iwan Sanchez said...


the 1st time shaz went down to singapore, i met up with him.. hahha..

yup his height can be intimidating and he eats so much.. hahhaa!

how i wish i also can meet u too..


tIcKLe`Me said...

wah, snail sudah upgrate to escargot! :P

Mochii said...

ben: when you wanna meet lolz

iwan: hahaha yesh yesh eat so much and so tall ... aiseh -_- haha we meet ... one day :p

sp: snail can be escargot siput or schnecke :p

snail~ said...

becky, macam ni pun consider upgrade ar? *swt*

tIcKLe`Me said...

wah terror punya siput. metamorphosis! :O

snail~ said...

=.= *faints....i think i better go into hiding at 'you know where'.......

Jasonmumbles said...

You. Dated. Shaz. EEK!