Thursday, August 9, 2007


I guess today is one of the worst days. Initially, we were to get exposure, but in the end, we got to be slave, amazing! And everyone thought that I am a trainee =.= eh I wanna get that trainee tag off from me k -_- I looked damn retarded, the white shirt and the extremely fugly black pants, that is so not gaya-ish. How can I face the world? How???? It's not the work that I have to do, it's the attire okayyy!! We thought of skipping lunch but did not hehe. 5 plus, we left there and I purposely change back to my normal uniform to have a relaxing time in the canteen, relieved!!!

After the squash tournament, both of us were feeling thirsty and hungry and wanted to have a bite and a drink. We headed to this place in The Curve, opposite Kopitiam. It's a Italian restaurant and I am unsure of the name. Thought that we can see my dad's friend who owns that, but she wasn't around.

This cup is super damn big, dont know how many times bigger than what I used to drink when I was working. But, the taste obviously not THAT kao.

Garlic bread not bad

But this is too sweet haha

For a set of one coffee and one set of bread at 3 somethin, OK-lah


jasonphoon said...

3 something for that not bad oh .. lavazza coffee is veryy niceee ^_^

tIcKLe`Me said...

i know that place. we went before to makan pizza, remember? :D

tingtitlei said...

wow the garlic bread looks very uhh garlic-y

Mochii said...

chou chou: not bad la, but if i take that coz i wanna stay awake, then umm haha wont be effective :p

sp: yea that's the one

ting: haha coz it's garlic bread

Iwan Sanchez said...


can show me ur pic wearing that fugly uniform??


wah, havin high tea machaim taitai sial..


u kan AOK

Mochii said...

of coz not!!! I didnt take that pic coz it's super membabifyingly fugly to the max til i cannot face the world

high tea with my dad only la .. and an ... attention ... pas AOK okie

Iwan Sanchez said...

oh no...
then it must be super super ugly..


so sad but u STILL have to don that uniform..


Mochii said...

hahahha nvm once only and the aunty from then on started pulling my leg by kept asking me to go to the laundry each time she sees me -_-

schnecke~ said...

i wanna drink coffee =.= .....

oh yea...wht's tht funny bread looking thing in the saucer?

Mochii said...

u like coffee? haha :p that's cookies :p

schnecke~ said...

oooh...cookie... hmm... ok ler...y not :p