Thursday, August 2, 2007

Umm ...

It's so annoying, annoying like hell. Every pics I tried posting were very nice being called as "error". WTH! Anyway, whatever yea.

I am so used blogging with pictures and suddenly I felt so handicapped blogging without pics. I feel like a disabled trying to do things that they are not able to do. I mean, really.

And since some Oink said don't hide my emo-ness ... okeh, I blog about emo stuff!!! HAHA .. *think think* have to come up with some emo issues, haiz sad sial.

There are so many things happening like without reason. One minute, people seem to be nice to you, people seem to be friendly and all, asking you out almost each and everytime, having a great time, but after that short period of time, they seem to disappear from your life, they seem to just vanish, as if everything that you had was like a mere dream. Everything happened and disappeared just like a blink of an eye. You just sit and think about it, were you in a dream, or was that a reality.

Then, all you can do is just memories and nothing else. Even you really want things like how it was, it just could not. You don't know what are they thinking, you do not know what happened. All you can do is to wish these people good luck, good life, all the best.

Not that you do not want, but if they do not want, there is nothing you can do. It takes two to tango, it takes two hand to make a sound, well ... at least two or more. Oh my.

We always say things happen for a reason, but ... you do not have reason for everything. Certain things happen without a reason.

Time to move on when things do not go your way, no use mourning over things you cannot change HEH.

C'est la vie


§pinzer said...

eh dun so emo can? :P

Mochii said...

hahaha cehh ur the one who said dont hide ... :p so i purposely blog emo stuff :D Woof!

Kim said...

where on earth r u working now?
btw i just got back my laptop after nearly 2 weeks dat my school took my laptop and molested it habis-habis..
gone case..
why so emo lah?
you're HOME OKAY..
me still stuck in swiss..
stay strong la..
i know you are..

Mochii said...

woah omg long time no seeeee
Haha where on earth? In KL .. your previous working place ahaha
woah kesian kena molest hahaha
hahah can we exchange? home nice meh :p kaka ... when sem finishing? ;)
tata take care enjoy life there

jasonphoon said...


error uploading pictures? sound like blogspot to me :P

hope you feel better ok chou chou .. I'll sure bring you out if I'm in msia. Hrmm ...

Iwan Sanchez said...

cest la vie?


alah.. dun sad ok adik...

tIcKLe`Me said...

jgnlah emooo. :(

Mochii said...

chou chou: haha im alright ;) im not emo la .. just somethg to blog about :s wait for u to come back okeh!

abang: haha oui oui c'est la vie :p no no not sad :D

sp: tak emo la ... aiyoyo ... haha