Sunday, August 12, 2007

Zum Wohl

I know that I just blogged about work, but ... I guess, that's the only thing I can blog about currently. It was my last exposure day today and I went to the club floor today for it and I love it. At least it does not make me feel like a bodyguard, yea finally. Haha ... f&b in the morning and my hand was trembling later on, I could not even hold a paper haha. But, it's alright haha. First time usually is a real killer after not holding heavy stuff since mid June. Then, I was wrapping some stuff for the rest of the day and you know something? There's this guest that I suspected he's from Swiss, coz he has that Deutsch accent, who knows????? He really is!!!! haha anyways ...

Yea, the work today brings back memories about my work back in Geneve, like how I started. This time is definitely easier for me, as some of the things are the same. Coffee here is more high tech haha, you don't need the skill haha. Touch screen omg ... I'm so much behind than the time now :o

Let's go back in time .. few months back ... Adik had this school thingy going on in this club ... apparently the school sponsored few hundred CH for their students to drink that nite, but I sneaked in. Well ... just one only =.= went there to see see look look. Yea was there til the wee hours and I had like what ... 3-4 hours of sleep :p

Back: Therry and Fadi,
Front: Me, Maria and Sophie

Rolande, Mimi and me

Group pic ... alles zusammen :D

While these 2 pics took place just a week before I got back ... in Shakers

Before ... and .. chubby =.=

After ... if I'm prepared I will reveal how red my face is, this is the least red one :D haha

After this, we went to the lake at 5 plus to see sun rise ... :D


schnecke~ said...

trembling? :s...think u need more 'training' then :p .....anyways, its good to knw tht u started to abandon ur post as a bodyguard.

eh...really ms chubby wor.....y so thin now? :s more pls~ red :o

Iwan Sanchez said...

therry and fadi kissin? gay eh??

as for rolande, nooooo comment...

mimi looks ok lah..


eh, jgn banyak banyak minum.. no good..

show me ur flushing red face ok?

Mochii said...

schnecke: haha i dont mind :p no la that day was exposure day so yeah ler .. hehe fun :D i told u chuby dont believe now believe la and that was taken just before i got back leh -_-

iwan: hahahha both of the girls are their gfs wahahah .... mana ada banyak, just one only and one is nothing :p cannot show la damn paiseh

snail~ said...

yea...this 1 really ms chubby :s ...

unbelievable but have to believe lor now. u sure u dint kedai gambar?hehe... *swt*

urm...did u notice tht the 2nd lst pic....u looks like rayleen =.=

u really need 2 eat more... gin kau, gin kau, gin kau!!!

Mochii said...

told you i was chubby, you cannot dont believe edi ... i dont have kedai gambar n even i have, do u think i know how to use LOL ...

look like rayleen meh? i have one pic with specs even more alike :p hahah this 1 is considered nothing

already eating what u want some more LOL

snail~ said...

eating ..... =.=
i jus had my dinner :P

urm....i think look like rayleen post post post!!!!..wanna see....