Thursday, September 13, 2007

Battery dead

I'm still alive ... but I can't guarantee for the next few days. I had enough rest on my day off yesterday, I slept enough and my battery was fully charged and when it comes today ... battery went dead. These 2 weeks will be VERY hectic for me ... yeah VERY ... due to the training that I will have for 3 hours few times a week and I gotta work another 8-9 hours after that training. One word = DYING.

When Swiss Boi Roger Federer won the recent US open :D :-
The Swiss maestro at 26 has now reached 14 Grand Slam finals and he has won 12 of them, which translates into a best ever winning conversion rate of 85 percent. Only Rafael Nadal on clay in Paris in the last two years has bettered him.


jasonphoon said...

uh oh.. does that mean i'll see you online less, chou chou??

recharge ok!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

Battery dead? Replace with a new one lah..

Seems like working life is damn tough for u lah!!

Health is also important ok..

Mochii said...

jp: yesh ... i'll be away until sunday coz i wont be home til then starting from tomorrow mornin haha

iwan: hahaha ... right now still okie i can take it :p no new battery la =.=

tIcKLeMe said...

my battery konking too. :(