Friday, September 21, 2007

eating you up

KL is a busy busy city, people are always busy, busy with classes, busy with work, there must be something to go to, to do and etc.

But, have you realized that we get so distracted with all sorts of issues in our daily life that we forget about the simplest things in life which may also means the best and the happiest things that we could ever ask for. Earning big bucks makes you happy in the end of the month, but ... we gotta sacrifice your time, your energy, your health and everything on your work. That aside, people these days had forgotten to have a nice complete decent dinner together with family and old time friends.

We forget about all these little things. It may sound and look very minor, but it means a lot. The city life is slowly taking away you and slowly eating you up internally and externally.

Sometimes, you will wonder .. what have you been doing. Why are you so busy. Why don't you have time. How you become like that. Who have you been meeting.

It's not your family that you meet the most, it's not your good friends and old time friends that you meet, it's not the people that you wanna meet, it's the colleagues no matter you like or you don't.

Step by step, work is eating you up gradually and sooner or later, you'll be gone. When one day you realize all the missing path in you, it will be a decade and when finally you decide you wanna stop all these, you realize ... you are not that young anymore to start all over again.


claudine said...

i dont have friends or family to see. i have time but no one near me. :(

Iwan Sanchez said...

aww.. so sad for clod..

Well mochii, i agreed with what u just said..
We are simply too occupied with lots of daily activities lah..

In a cosmo country like malaysia, its not surprising that all these deprived us lots of social gatherings and stuffs..


Mochii said...

clod: i terbalik, no time :( come we join venture

iwan: yeah .. and it's also very stressful to be in a city like kl la .. i cannot take it

tIcKLeMe said...

work is making me fat and ugly. :(