Thursday, September 6, 2007

Finit 9

Everyone is good at something, and I believe ... yes I believe that I am good at something too. Previously, I know that I am good at this, but I didn't know that I am THAT good. Today, I am gonna confess and I wanna be proud of myself ... for once. Yesterday, I slept around 3pm til like 10-ish for dinner and just as thought I couldn't sleep back, I realized at 2-ish that I was sleeping so nicely since 12-ish til this morning at 7am. So, I think it all answers all my doubt about my talent, more on .. my gifted talent. Please be proud for me coz this is my strongest point. Sleeping 8 hours a day isn't enough for me, it's sufficient but not enough. HAHA! Blogging now due to my erm ... my screwed up working hours, 5pm til 1am =.=

It's time for an update from my in-training ... yes again I know... and I know it's like a neverending set of pictures, but trust me, it's really finishing, real real soon. It's close to one dozen part already. I am typing so much because I don't have a chance to type or talk so much after 8 nights haha.

This is Lucy, the one that welcomes me when I first joined. However, her English is very minimal. Thus, during busy times, it's difficult to communicate ... and she loves tickling me :(

This is Beranjere and I hope I spell her name correctly, I mean .. you know how powderfool my French is haha. See the back of us? I eat there sometimes, but that's the place the managers usually sit.

Well, this is my fave barman, Cervat. Umm ... when I first started, he was really mean, shouting and all. However, not that I understand what he shouted lol. We have very big communication barrier, I couldnt understand French, he couldnt understand English. But, we have to work very closely to each other. As time goes by, I like him more and I know how things go and then he's being really nice to me too. He used to make drinks for me, give me free drinks when I didn't even ask for it. He jokes with me too, okay I know my French is like superbly limited but I can understand okay!! haha and he even pulled me to the back of the bar to give me wine, and and .. when I didn't ask for any drinks after I finished my training, he gave me without request. Usually, when people want also he's reluctant to give. He's from Turkey btw and he said he's kebab coz he knows I love eating kebab HAHAHA. omg!!! I damn miss him.

This is one of my managers ... and he loves calling me China girl, and I'm like no .. I am NOT china girl you European boy -_- and he likes telling me that my family is eating at which table ... not my family but .. some Asians who has similar skin colour and chiky eyes, that's my family -_- and yah, don't ever see him after work. Oftenly, I just have to laugh as ... once, he was wearing a NBA singlet and bermudas ... with slippers and reading newspapers -_- don't ever tell people he's my mgr siut -_- I told him so many times that I am from Malaysia, not Indonesia -_- he said the same, I said nooooo ... nevermind, only my mabuk manager knows the difference hehe

And ... if any of you are wondering if there are any other female waitress there or we call it as chef de rang ... the answer is no.


jasonphoon said...

might as well tell your manager you are thai ! then maybe he'll get it .. teehee

Mochii said...

u thai boy ... -_- i know your thai haha ... but you dont have to get me involved you know :p

Iwan Sanchez said...


finally u pose with some lady that look machiam auntie!!


Mochii said...

apa la u ask me to post pic of female workers then i posted lor, no other female workers how to post =.=

and and .. dont see them like that k, they r damn strong :s