Saturday, September 1, 2007

Geneve 4

Enough for the Merdeka celebration, it's more than enough coz I got so fired up that day haha. So yeah forget about it yea. I made a record today. I shall record it down at the World's Dede Book of Record for recording the day that I did not even feel sleepy at work. Yeah like 9 hours without feeling sleepy. I think that wine works the best! Guess what? I had dinner the nite before, and I drank both white and red Aussie wine. It was such a long long time I did not drink wine. Haha .. I know some might not believe that. So, O-KAY-lah ... I did drink in July, just a couple of glass okay! No biggie, man. OMG! The dinner sucks, but I have the wines to compensate. Do you know what is the conclusion now? Drink wines, yes it's plural, before going to work!! HAHA! After 4 days of night shift, I do not know what day is today, what date is today, and I can't differentiate from day to night and night to day. I feel like a drug addict as I can't face the sun anymore. The moment I step out of the working place and I see the sun (that is the only time I face the sun), immediately I have to turn away. My eyes could not take it. It is not to say that it's the bright afternoon sun, but only the sun at 7 plus in the morning. That shows how sad it is!!

Enough of crappy stuff, po leow genug ;) It's my baby's time named Geneva :D

Blardy connection, pics cannot be uploaded now, will do so again later. After my beauty sleep that is.

A church at the old town

This is taken from the inside of the church :D

Wondering where is old town .. here it is, I went there less than 5 times throughout my 6 months there

What do I love doing here? What else if it's not shop? HAHA .. SHOPPPPPPP ;) and I worked just right there .. everyday I see all these shops :p and I wait the tram just at the side of the road :p

omg this clockkk ... it's damn special ... why? I see that 5 days a week, sometimes more :o coz it's just located outside from where I work hahah


jasonphoon said...

wow , how many geneva photos do you have ??

oh , and i cannot stand wine . I don't know why .. :(

Mochii said...

hhhhhaha i dunno how many but i still have eek y cannot stand wine? puke? :o

schnecke~ said...

the church looks beatiful..

a^ben said...

woooooooowwwwwwwww look at the church`

I always liked churches in western countries esp those European churches` woah!!!!!!

*float float*

Mochii said...

schnecke: it is

a ben: haha but all conducted in any other languages except english -_-

tIcKLe`Me said...

memang banyak gambar of your baby! :O

Mochii said...

hahaha yeshhhh coz it's my baby

snail said...

was that Tina? nice coat she had there

Mochii said...

yup it's her ... she bought from taiwan lolz