Thursday, September 20, 2007

I wanna be healthy

I am so glad I came back home, even though it was only for a few days. But, I need my home, I miss my siblings (dogs).

I can't take it no more. I need to get out from there. I was there for so duper long, like few days straight trapped in that place, no where else but there. I don't understand how can workaholics live. I will never be. I need some fresh air.

If I stay another day there, I can most likely confirm that I will be sick. I'm not exactly 100% healthy now. So, to avoid that tragedy, I better be back to a place I call home. Ulcers, sore throat on the way, cough started a bit, flu a bit now .. and no, I don't need to add any other virus more into me, especially when the end of the month is approaching. I so do not wanna fall sick at this time of the year ... it's just 5 days to go before I turn 23 officially. Let me just enjoy being 22 officially because ... I can never get back to the age of 22 after 25th this month :( SAD! So, all the bacterias, virus, disease .. go far from me and come back next month but most importantly get far away from me during this period of the year. S'il vous plait.

I'm so happy, I got tips just the other day, not a lot but I was happy. You know why? Coz it brought special meaning. Why? Reason being coz it was given by a Swiss guy, so it gave it a very special meaning, compared to others with the same amount. It lit up my day, Swiss okay!!!

I have lost touch in blogging, I dont know I spend how much time just typing this post up, I need more practise. I will be back tomorrow to practise more. I used to be able to type anything and everything without even a need to think what or how. It just pops up like a rocket and now I feel so disabled already. My god, so sad.

See you all kawan kawan . this Sat at Damansara at 9pm.


=p said...

get well soon~

claudine said...

take care of yourself lar woman

jasonphoon said...

if your siblings are dogs, does that make you a ...... ?

just kidding :P

see you saturday!

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah... massive birthday celebration ar??

hmmm... how i wish i am there to celebrate with u...


pls take good care ok adik?

Mochii said...

snail: tq 1st time so nice to me woah

claudine: not my fault =.=

chou chou: woooooofff yer i so wish ur here :(

iwan: i also wish to celebrate with you BUTTT ,,,, sigh trying to take cre lol

Puvan said...

yo...wassup...before i forget, i wish you happy birthday.....cheers and take care....:)

Mochii said...

puvan: hie thx 4 dropping by, thanks for the wishes

=p said...

u're so polite... =.=

1st time huh?....okeh