Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dull and gloomy days

Initially, I wanted to blog but due to my condition, I don't think I can blog, even if I do, I don't think I will know what am I blogging about. I'm just so exhausted ... 8 hours of work and I finished at 1am. But, I gotta work again at 12 noon later for a freaking 11 hours. So .. yea I need a good rest before going for the battle. Will update this entry after work or something. Cheerios.

BUT ... I couldn't sleep after 4 and a half hours, tell me how to survive in the "war" later, how?

Days are unpredictable. One day you might be the happiest person in the universe, but the next, you might be the most depressed person on the entire earth. Days can be filled with laugher, joy, happiness but it could also mean sadness, dull, sorrow and grief.
Come to think of it, dull and the darker days are always related to boringness, and the negative side while sunny and brighter days are always filled with all the positive side.
In a matter of fact, if you look at it more intensely, it's not always right. If life is only filled with happiness, you will not know what grief, sadness and sorrow is all about. People will not know how is it to feel the pain, people do now know how to treasure, how to cherish and how to appreciate the happiness that they have. Eventually, they think that what they have now, is for eternity and thus, taking things for granted. In addition, if there's always happiness, we will not look into our lives and contemplate on things and see how lucky we are and that we should actually be grateful. Nevertheless, when there's positive, there is always the negative side. There's always the ying and the yang.

But ... I like cloudy days. No, I am not a sadist and whatsoever, but I just love it, not too hot, as you know ... I have a sunny day phobia. I just dislike the sun or maybe the sun dislikes me that oftenly make my skin irritates =.=

C'est la vie


schnecke said...

cloudy day is the best!....cooling, comfortable and relaxing ....

get ready for battle ya?

Mochii said...

dont remind me ... im so gonna die

Iwan Sanchez said...

memang lah, days are unpredictable.. same goes for life, there are bounds to have ups and downs..

think positive ok?

work hard now and u will enjoy success in the future..


jasonphoon said...

yes you're right .. life is both good and bad .. I was just thinking about it yesterday .

we think the same chou chou :P

Mochii said...

iwan: im not depressed lolz :D but dont work too hard

chou chou: yes yes good n bad, up and down lol think the same thatz why you are my chou chou hahaha

yellowbanana said...

don't tell me u got albino a....? Oppss... XD

Mochii said...

you talking bout yourself, rite? :D :D hehe