Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Live healthily

I have been in a "war" for 7 days now and just a day more to battle before living like a human being again, to regain my composure. I feel so lost. Sometimes I wake up at 6pm, and I thought was 6am. When it's Tuesday, I thought was Monday. But, one thing for sure, I have become healthier as a person, or maybe not person, I don't even know anymore. When I work morning shift, I only eat 2 meals a day, but when I do overnight, I have 3-4 meals per day. When I wake up for breakfast (dinner for normal people), and off to work. During my break, I eat another time for my lunch (supper for normal people). Between those wee hours, I have another time for snacks, work while eating and that's my tea time (2nd supper for people). Then, after work, I eat another time and that's my last meal before I go to bed, and that's definitely my dinner (breakfast for dinner). So, see ... am I healthy now haha.

Something weird happened today though. When I was in KLCC like 7-ish in the morning, yes I know it's dang early. If you are wondering what was I doing THAT early in KLCC, I went there for toilet and later for breakfast with dad. This guy, I seriously I swear I don't know him at all, and I have no impression of him whatsoever. He suddenly smiled at me only God knows why. Like damn o.O I don't find people doing that here .. so I find it VERY weird haha. Back in Swiss, I did this a few times before. I just sat at the bench waiting for the tram, passers by just smiled and sometimes greeted me too. Like ... damn nice. But, there's this guy who passed me a few times ... yeah ... weird enough -_- left right left right -_- and he greets me each time he walks past me =.= and he smiled .. so da super weird okie -_-

Btw, I didn't know that my name in Jap is Misheru and it actually means divine in English. Thank you chou chou for telling me about the site. Call him Iyasu, that's his Jap name which means to heal haha. Omg sounds so angelic.


tIcKLe`Me said...

you lawa la, that's why! :D

iyasu said...

chou chou, I agree with becky :P

And of course I'm angelic , misheru chan ..

Mochii said...

sp: no lolz ... so not true -_-

iyasu: hahah omg chou chou u changed ur name ... iyasu-san :D omg ur angelic ... then im goddess :p