Monday, September 17, 2007

what gets you irritated

I have good news to announce ...

I am going into hiatus mode now ... since that I will not be home ... tho it's just a few days but it's still hiatus okie ... I am gonna overnight at my 2nd home and 2nd home is always my work place haha .. even last time my 2nd home was my work place but I doubt that's 2nd .. more like 1st instead :p it's the time of the year to go into hiatus mode now again anyways, the mood is already here. Or ... perhaps I just decide not to go into hiatus later on, who knows. Let's see.

Sometimes when you give someone nickname, you think they portray the similarities only you give them nicknames. Perhaps in the beginning they don't really sound and look like the given nickname but the more they are being called that, the more they look sound and act like the respective nicknames. Do you agree? I think it's true, like really true.

Clod blogged about what makes you happy and seriously I just thought about that topic and the next thing I got to know was .. it's already in her blog :o serious okay, deja vu haha, but I wanna blog about what makes you irritated. hehe. Ponders and wonders ... there are so many and so much things that can irritate me, from the small little tiny thing such as .. just by saying one little word can annoy me. So, here goes ...
1. Say the wrong word
2. Take my words and phrase that I always use on other people =.=
3. Give me potong stim response
4. Do not act like what he/she supposed to be
5. Drive like some retards
6. Look at me like I'm a sick case (doesn't matter if I know that person or not). If I am not talking to you and you look in that way to me, just pisses me off like shit.
7. Acting cool -_-
8. Acting funny when he/she is not
9. Say as if I am a retard when I'm not
10. Do not do what that they said.

There are so many and so much more that I better not say because .. and because .. there are just too many. I'll better write a book on that instead haaha.

So, what makes you annoyed? What gets you irritated? What pisses you off? From small to big and big to small whatsoever.


claudine said...

you you you you and you! hahaha :P

oklar, jokes aside.

what annoys me most is when people act like they know it all. there are more but i cant think at the moment.

tIcKLeMe said...

i droke like a retard wor. :O

tIcKLeMe said...

drove i mean. sorry, sudah mabuk. :P

Iwan Sanchez said...

honestly, things that annoys , iritates us will always be a long list..

and i am not an exception here..

Mochii said...

claudine: hahaha .. aisehh .. yea agree ... oh i know this oh i know trhat like some smart ass but from the back hehe

sp: that is not retard but .. si mabuk hahahhaha

iwan: hehe .. yeah we r no angels

tIcKLeMe said...

:O im a drunkard :O

kyliemc said... truly understands how u feel

Mochii said...

haah yesh drunkard yayyyyy .. i love to see drunkard :p but only people i know hehe

kylie yeah ... pissed irritated and completely annoyed :p

=p said...

hmm.... 1&3 ....

Mochii said...