Monday, October 1, 2007

Wishes 2

So continued from that day ...

Piggy: Morning. Happy Bday to you bay girl and happy lantern day. This yr your bday present will be mooncake.

Adik: Hey Happy Bday kak .. hope you have a great time Lain kali kita hantam makan kao kao k? take care

Elaine: HAPPY BDAY!!! When free to collect your present? N when free to meet me for makan

Onii: Tomatoooooo ... happy bday yo yo yo. May you have a great day alright. Bo selecta . sey lo .. fathead hijacked my sms :p hehe have a good one k .. dont work too hard either

Lalang: Sakai today is your bday dont black out ok chill

Kelvyn: Happy Bday to you wor. May you have a wonderful bday and all your bday wish come true

Tom: Michy michy I nearly forgot!!! It's ur bday!!! Hhe Happy Bday I hope you're having a great day, muaah

Lordy: Happy Bday dea muax muax ewwww....

Adam: Happy Bday Michy

Sam: Happy Bday Michy

Lober: Happy Bday Lober

Moo Moo: Happy Bday Michilogy ... let's go buffet at *toot*

SP: Yeahhh sing bday song already when she was undressing HAHAHAHAHA happy bday sekali lagi sp tersayang


Jason Phoon said...

hey you forgot me !

happy birthday chou chou !!

Iwan Sanchez said...

so many wishes!!!!