Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2nd celebration

Since .... I do not have the pics with me, why not I blog bout something else first as I don't think I can get those pics so soon, it's so far away .... far far away in a place called Muar.

Let's fast forward it for a few days ... and I got a day off on a Saturday, which means .. I can go out on a Friday night and that's sooo rare for me. Hence, grabbing the golden opportunity to go out is something that I must do in order to get some life back. Since that other colleagues had the same one too ... so why not we .... hehe. Yeah~

My birthday celebration also .... hehe consider it as one :P

People say we look alike and I have no idea why hahaha .... and people actually ask if we are blood related. LOL. I know that we were classmates, I know that we were neighbours, I know that we hang out with each other, I know that we used to go anywhere and everywhere together in Swiss but we are buddies, no family ties involved :S

All younger than me .... damn shy

and now ... people say we look even more alike ... and some said twins *pengsans* yet I have no idea why .. which part make us look alike I have no idea =.= twins that has 5 years gap ... interesting eh

We found something .... B52!!!! But ... a bit potong stim, as it's without flame .... =.= so uninteresting ... the first ever time I drank B52 was in Madwall Street and it was introduced by Nemo if I'm not mistaken and my love for it can only get stronger :D hehe


Iwan Sanchez said...

look alike meh?
tak lah, adik..


apa ni minum minum?


not good for the liver!!!


Mochii said...

where got minum minum ... sometimes only hehe

i dunno but many people say we do look alike :S last time people used to mistaken us as the other :S

tIcKLeMe said...

look alike la. and she's back?!!! :D :D :D

Mochii said...

yu wen? she's my colleague now .. and she came back on the same day as me

tIcKLeMe said...

wah bestnya. working together somore. :)

Mochii said...

hahaaha ... yesh yesh :D my colleague lolz